Hi, do you give your lo snacks between meals? Was hoping to get some idea of what snacks to offer to my lo? He barely lets me out of his sight for a second so any ideas that are quick and easy to make!? Thanks. x


  • How old are they when they can have snacks?
  • depends on what you see as a snack,before lennons lunch about 11ish he always gets a banana,after his mid afternoon sleep about 3-3.30 i give him either a snack a jack,go ahead bisc or something like a netrugrain bar,sometimes a jaffa cake as hes a jaffa hound and would eat them all day if he could lol

    the snack a jacks come in different flav so he gets dif ones all the time and loves them,personally i think they are like carboard but he likes them,thats what counts

    oh also give him bread fingers the ones you use in dips

    hope this is a bit of help,how old is your lo?
  • We only do one snack a day as my lo has 4 meals...but she usually has baby rice cakes which she loves and a bit of chopped up fruit. Rice cakes are great, just open the packet and they're ready! Or you could try toast fingers or bread.

  • Morgana usually has an Organix snack (she loves the carrot ones, though they sure stain her clothes to hell) or half a baby biscuit.
  • I dont usually give snacks as he doesnt get hungry during feeds and I dont see the need if hes not hungry. But if he ever does get hungry id either give him those organix crisp snacks or a malted milk biscuit.
  • I substituted Kara's 3pm bottle for a snack. I might give her a yoghurt or else a rusk. Its nothing heavy as it is between her lunch and dinner. She is 9 months and I have only started this a couple of weeks.
  • Grudie, he's 9 months (nearly 10). He's only on 3 milk feeds a day now and doesn't take that much so I often feel like he may need a snack between meals...just drying up with the ideas!
    Thanks for all your suggestions, gives me some good ideas. xxx
  • we give ollie a rusk, or a pear or banana, or sometimes he has malted milks, nice biscuits, just something he can feed himself with...

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