Karaoke - just for fun

Okay, so how many of you yummy mummies do/have done this?

I constantly sing around the house, rather badly I must say, but nonetheless LOVE singing. I have never had the bottle to sing on karaoke but if I did would love to sing a rocky number lol!
Any of you sang karaoke and if so what do you sing??


  • :lol: One of my best friends dad's run the karaoke at our local - I have been known to get up (VERY DRUNK I might add! & sing!) lol but I am truely awful and under no illiuions (:lol: well only when drunk!) haha but my OH always gets up and sings Maddness songs???? & he's quite good but obviously I don't tell him that! I know there is sometmes a snobbiery about singing on Karakeo :lol: but it's not meant to be taken seriously I quite enjoy people getting up even if there bad at least there brave enough to give it a go! LOL xx
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