Wet nappies advice pls!

Before Gabe was fully weaned I had to change his nappy every 2 1/2 - 3 hours as he was soaking - really heavy wet nappies.

I noticed his nappies were getting a lot drier but there was always at least a bit heavy. And he was still on almost as much milk.

However today I have dropped a bottle (on 3 bottles now) and his nappies are so dry - I changed him after 3 hours as it was pretty much bone dry - maybe a tiny bit of wee on it but hardly very much.

He has water out of a cup but only drinks about 4-5oz all day, I thought this was quite good though.

Should I be worried x


  • Hmm, I think it is good to have 'wet' nappies as they always ask at the docs about it when you take them. I would keep an eye on it and mention it to the HV team. Can you ring them?

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