need a little help ladies

hi girls
wade has been quiet sick lately with a bad cold which turned into bronchias on his chest. so i've had a
lot of sleepless nights with him . but now his feeling alot better still got a little cough but the trouble
i have with him is he has got so use to me running into him when he started crying or coughing to pick him up cause he couldn't breath very well. now his waking every hour crying for me to get him to sleep
i'm at my wits end with it and i don't know what to do every hr i had last night. and he won't stop till i go pick him up. this is going to carry on now isn't it. pls if any of you have had this with ur bubs how long or how did you get back to normal.
wade had justed sleeping through image


  • Havent had exactly the same thing hun but Ryan has had colds on and off with a bad one on his chest a few months ago, but fortunately he went back to sleeping more or less ok. But all I can suggest is CC or PUPD methods...would find them hard myself but would imagine its something you might need to take in hand as like you say he may have got used to your comfort to get him back to sleep. Some of the other girls have used these methods I am sure so maybe they could shed more light. Just didnt want to read and not reply. x
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