Still has colic at 14 weeks

Hi guys,

My lo is still colicky at the moment and I just don't know what else to do. We have tried everything on the market and nothing seems to help. The docs said a few weeks ago that it will be gone by 14 weeks but she is really bad again. Its not just night time, its between every feed. Has anyone else's lo suffered from colic and if so did your lo still have it this long? I just want to see a light at the end of a long screaming tunnel!!!!


  • Morgana suffered from colic badly until about 20 weeks, in the end it was mostly horrible wind she had, she screamed half way through a bottle. We finally got it under control with a combination of Dr Brown bottles, double Infacol doses and making sure that the feeds were stirred, not shaken up to prevent even more air going into her. After a week of this it lessened and finally went completely when we started weaning her at 5 1/2 months. I know it sounds a long time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Are you sure its colic not reflux? Especially as it's after feed, she may have indigestion. Colic and reflux have very similar symptoms at times.

  • Hi babe i know its hard im jst posting thread for you and bikerchick to tell you my news.
  • Hi,

    Its definatly colic. She does have reflux but its the wind that bothers her. She cannot get her wind up and it traps in her tummy. She screams while farting so I'm pretty sure its that. Her reflux is different when it bothers her. She tends to have different cries for each.

    We stir her bottles, use Dr Browns, wind her constantly and it is slightly better but still so hard at times to cope with. We also use colief in her bottles which my hubby forgot to put in this morning and she screamed the house down for hours.

    Was told by the hv that I could start weaning her slowly and that should help but still have a suspicion that she is lactose intolerant. Just don't think that she is ready to be weaned yet. Want to wait at least another 2 weeks anyway.
  • Just a thought but has anyone looked into lactose intollerance for you?
    My lo suffers and her symptoms were just like colic.
  • hi my little boy suffered real bad with colic and reflux and i heard that if you wean them early it stops both so when bailey was 13 weeks i started giving him 1 teaspoon of babyrice mixed with my breastmilk so it was just slightly thicker than milk,and it worked.He stopped being sick and his colic was nowhere near as bad and he also slept abit more in the night.hes now 20 weeks old and ive just put him on 2 meals a day,hes so content and happy,weaning him early was def the best thing i did as nothing else helped when he was in so much pain.hope she feeling better soon xx
  • Well her dad had lactose intolerance as a child so thats what made me think that was what was bothering her but the hospital just laughed when I suggested it. They tested her for a cow's milk protein allergy which came back negative.

    Got a hosp app in July for her reflux anyway so will ask them to test her then. She gets colief in her bottles and that helps to an extent but scared to start weaning her incase it makes her ill - theres so much hidden ingredients. I have lactose free sma in the cupboard from before but it just bunged her up the last time she was on it.

    Just want her to get better!!! When did your lo get diagnosed with lactose intolerance? How is she now?
  • babe i put daisy on lactose intolerance milk for three days and she was so constippated she was screaming trying to pooh. itook her straight off it again.
  • Maddie is prescribed Nutramigen and I have never had a problem with it.
    We basically self diagnosed with the help of a cranial osteopath and the internet, I then changed her to Soya milk which I know she shouldn't have under 6 months but the colic dissapeared but she was constipated. After several visits to the GP and HV I told them that it was obvously the milk and the hv agreed (why it took so long god only knows), she then made an appointment with the dietician and wrote to GP to prescrib Nutramigen and hey presto it was like having a new baby!
    All the pain went away over night it was heaven after 3 months of nightly 3 hour screaming fits and me in tears I eventually had the chance to begin to relax and bond with my lo.
    She is now 10 months old and thriving on 3 meals a day plus milk feeds, when she is a year I will see the dietician again (3rd time) and we will start to introduce dairy to see if it has gone (apparently most babies grow out of it so fingers crossed).
    I have noticed that there are alot of lactose intollerant babies on here and through speaking to other mums, it seems the majority have discovered this through self diagnosis.
    I would have thought what with your husband they would listen a bit more, personally I would see another GP and ask to try Nutramigen (if it is lactose intollerance you will not look back).
    Good luck!
  • Well tried Ella back on the SMA LF to see if that makes any difference. She has been on it for only 3 feeds so far and seems to be slightly better. Hoping that she is ok tommorrow and not too constipated. Will definatly be going back to the docs with her as really don't know what else to do and if the SMA LF works then I'll see if he can prescribe the Nutramigen for us.

    I feel awful because I went to the pictures with my hubby last night and really enjoyed a bit of time away from lo but when we got home she was crying again and I just wanted to jump back into the car and drive away. Got upset that I was thinking that and broke down in front of hubby. I love her to bits but its so hard going and she constantly cries between feeds. Just want her to be better. Her poor little body just doesn't cope. Fingers crossed that this makes a difference.

    Thanks for the info
  • I hope it does and completely sympathise with you.
    I feel that a mixture of the upset Maddie had, my birth and having to return to work all added to the stress for me and made bonding very difficult for me and although I loved her so much I was so pleased for some time away.
    It took me until she was 6 months before I really felt a good connection and I am angry that the GP and HV did not spot the problem and stop my lo's pain sooner.
    Let me know how you go.
  • Hi chick as you know wehave constipation issus too and i give daisy an extra 90z water a day in between feeds i do this by making up a bottle of 3oz water and 10z orange juice and let her have 30z of it 3 times a day i oftengive it her warm if at home and this keeps her regular every day and she absolutely loves it.
  • Well today was better with the tummy issues but she has been upset all day with her teeth. She keeps crying and her cheeks are rosy red too. Everything she can get goes into the mouth.

    Will continue with the SMA LF for the meantime and see how she is. We are going to try and start weaning her this weekend. She'll be 16 weeks by then.

    Westbrom - Thanks for the constipation advice - was going to ask you about water/ oj. How is Daisy doing?

    Think that I'm going to go to the docs tommorrow as think I may have PND. Couldn't stop crying this afternoon. Just feel myself getting so upset over little things and feel useless.
  • oh babe im not surprised all what your going through. do you have a supportive oh.make appointment to see doctor for yourself babe. i often cry from exhaustion, i feel like aworn out old cloth!!!!!!!!!! Daisy is the same no improvement as yet, but the weaning is going well . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Take care chick you are not useless you are exhausted xxxx
  • I really hope things improve for you.
    I am also seing the GP tomorrow about PND and hoping to start sorting myself out as I have been pretending everything is ok for last 10 months.
    If you want to chat or anything you can get me through Facebook - Jo Chappell, Bristol network.
    Good luck for tomorrow x
  • sillymoo - How did you get on at the docs today?

    I had a busy day today. Ella was sick first thing and her reflux upset her most of the morning but other than that she has been perfect. She has slept well today and even let me meet with the other mummies for a tea and pancake!!!

    Really think that she is Lactose intolerant as she is much better and this is the 3rd day on the SMA LF. She isn't quite constipated but I'll keep an eye on things as her poo is much thicker. Hope it continues - going to give the SMA LF a week to see and then will go to the docs and ask about the Nutramigen. Think we will also start weaning her on saturday.
  • The doc never mentioned PND but I suppose that is what it is as she took the form I filled in and added it all up and said I was very high on the stress and depression scale and it should really be addressed now, she gave me some pills but told me it was my descision if I want to take them or not and gave me some contact numbers that I know I will not call as I am crap talking about emotions.
    My mum does not want me to take pills as she had bad experience and I am unable to make a decision about the simplest thing at the minute so not sure if I should take them or not.
    Maddie is really good now and I get loads of support but things were so bad when I was pregnant and at work (self employed) and then I had difficulty breast feeding and we had the colic/lactose intollerance and I think everything has built up.
    Sorry to ramble I am just so unsure, I hate this I used to be so sharp minded and now I can't even remember where I put the list I wrote everything on I needed to remember!

    I really hope Ella settles with the milk, if it is lactose make sure you speak to the doc and get it on prescription as the tins are so small and expensive.
  • Its a hard decision but everyone is affected by pills differently. I lost both my parents, my dad when I was 16 and my mum last year and I found the best way to deal wth it was to speak to someone and to let it all out. The docs wanted to put me on pills but my dad was on anti-dep's and the side affects weren't good with him so that put me off.

    Sometimes having a good cry also helps me. LOL

    My pal is on anti-deps as she had a still born baby 10 weeks ago. She is just so different now and quite distant with me but thats understandable. Problem is that the pills don't change whats there and happening, just how you deal with it.

    Going to docs tomorrow as Ella now constipated and not too happy!!!!

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