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Hi ladies

I stupidly bought a beige rocker chair for Emily and the boys have already had their grubby paws all over it. lol. The lable on the cover says hand wash only. Thing is, I've never handwashed anything in my life. How do I do it? What do I use? Sorry for sounding like a plank. :lol:

Thanks girls xx


  • Stick it in the sink with warm water and a bit of detergent (you can get special handwashing stuff but I bet fairy liquid would do just as well). Give it a bit of a clean, rinse well, ring out and dry.
  • thanks - you must think Im a right dunce but I didnt want to ruin the chair!

    Thanks again image
  • No not at all - hope it cleans it enough. That's the only problem with handwashing, it doesn't get things as clean as a good machine wash... it probably did back in the old days when they had all the proper equipment etc,
  • there may also be a hand wash setting on your washing machine worth a try x
  • I never handwash anything anymore, just use the handwash cycle on the machine - never had any probs with it.

  • I would just put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees and a delicates setting, inside out, very low spin.

    Have a look at what its made of, usually it'll be cotton or linen, both machine washable, take it out as soon as the cycle's finished reshape it whilst damp and dry flat.

    I have done this a million times to my M&S sofas and they've been fine.

  • I would have suggested all of the above but the only setting that I know how to use on my washing machine is '10' ( which I think is the 40 degree wash). I'm such a domestic goddess really!
  • LOL mrs cp!!! surely you just turn the knob a bit further or press another button and it'll go onto another setting...the machine will do the actual work!!!!image

    I only use about two settings on mine so know exactly what you mean!
  • I have heard that that is how it works - I'm just not brave enough to try it out! I think my problem comes in matching the numbers to what they mean. There are about 14 and I only know what number 10 does!
  • lol. My machine does have a handwash cycle but i wasnt brave enough to use it! Maybe next time, beings as its the colour it is I think it'll be soon. Why oh why did I get a beige one??

    thanks again for your help girls xxxx
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