Amazing scan today :D

we saw the MW this morning who sorted out my iron tablets so i can stop being sick because of them, and then we had a 32 week scan this afternoon.
Ollie was with us and was an angel, pointing at the screen and then at me and making little 'ooooh' noises... :lol:
Baby M was very very active, but settled down briefly when she started the scan. As she looked at her face she yawned, nice and slowly for us all to see, and it was so amazing.
Then of course she had to spoil it by kicking me to bits again :lol: we did see every kick and punch on the scan which kinda made it lots more real for Hubby i think.

She is measuring big for HC, AC and FL. And her current EFW is 4lbs!!!!!! I've still got 8 weeks to go! image The sonographer said it was only slightly above the average..... so I'm so glad that I'm having her early, as they think even a week early she will be around 9lbs.

Anyhoo, had a great day and just wanted to show her off again a bit image
Its just her face, with the nose and mouth in profile... she kept trying to hide so its not the best pic.

hope it works and its not too big.



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