Green poo??

Hi, my DS has just don his regular poo and it was olive green! What does this mean? He is fine in himself and perfectly happy. He is formula fed with aptamil. Can anyone put my mind at rest?

Never realised being a mummy was so worrying!!!

Daffodil & Andrew 4 weeks today


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  • with my ds1 (also formula fed) we had every shade going, yellow brown, green you name it we had it, I honestly would not worry like you say he is happy nf feeding normally xx
  • Thanks Moonbeam- I thought it would be normal but just wanted to check!!
  • Yellows and greens are normal. It'll usually be tellow with a bit of green, or just yellow. If it stays green for a few days just check with yout HV/GP. xx
  • My DS (now nearly 7 months) has had olive green poo since day one and he's absolutely fine so it's probably nothing to worry about but HVs are always on the end of the phone if you want to put your mind at complete rest x
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