Shettles Method - Choosing Boy or Girl

Just wondered if any of you lovely mummies did the Shettles method in the hope of improving your chances of a boy or girl and if so did it work?

I know there isn't really any way of picking what sex baby you have but with one boy I would ideally like a girl next but another boy would be perfect too. If we have another boy we'll just have to try for a third!!!


  • I'm not sure what the Shettles method is! But my sister is seeing a fertility specialist, who told her not to obsessively have sex around ovulation. She said that the more women who did this, the more baby boys would be born and there'd start to be a gender imbalance!! I'm sure she was exaggerating, but if you want a girl, then have sex a few days before you ov (not sure how many!) rather than bang on the day! Or at least that was what my sister was told! xx
  • That is waht the Shettles method says. Wth DS I was BDing up to, on and after OV so the thoery does seem right!

    Boy or girl I'm not fussed really, will be a second blessing either way xx
  • i have heard about the having sex in lead up to ovulation for a girl and at ovulation peak for boys, the male sperm is stronger so get the egg faster so peak ovulation suppose to led to boys, but male sperm dies out quicker .girl sperm ,the weaker sperm catch upthen to egg as it falls in ovulation. this is her theory.
  • I would agree with this theory...although I didn't know it at the time. We BD'd lots in the run up to ov'ing but the OH was away over my actual ov date and after and we now have a little girl! We'd been trying for well over a year so I'd written off that month, little did I know!

    Good luck with it, hope it works for you xxx
  • Theory worked for us, we were at it like rabbit at OV and have been blessed with a little boy image

    Next time I TTC I'll have to try sex beofre OV, see if I get a girl, to fully test the theoryimage x
  • I know exactly when we concieved LO (several days before ovulation) and when I was pregnant thought I was having a girl due to this! However I was surprised and delighted to be blessed with a boy instead! So for me this method didn't work (although we weren't using it the method, it just happened that that was the only time we BD'd that month! And I later read about this method!)
    CG xxxx
  • Worked for us as well - bd'd in the run up to ov and got a little girl x
  • i had sex the day i ovd and have a girl.
  • This method worked for us I conceived my boy, day of obv and a my girl 3 days before ov xx
  • worked for us, i was also eating the things supposedly linked to conceiving a girl and avoiding the ones linked to a boy. I didn't mind either way but as i have a ds thought a girl would be nice. As it turns out i'm having a girl and she's due in 2weeks and 6 days image
  • i conceived on day i ovulated and i have a little girl!
  • I didn't realise at the time but when i look back on it we used ovulation prediction sticks and dtd the day before ovulation, the day of ovulation and 3 days after and we ended up with a beautiful baby boy so it worked for us although we were not trying it xxx
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