Power cut! :o

I was all lost for half an hour there as the power went out. No explanations in advance, or anything, just pupffft. Gone! image

I had nothing, no tv, no radio, no t'internet or laptop, not even a cooker! I had to light my hob with a match to get a brew made!!!!

Which led me to thinking - what can you do in a power cut.....? Other than go for a walk.....



  • when we went back to London last week - we had no elec for 2 days till we sorted the key meter. We.....erm.....you know....and we played cards/hangman/O and X and boxes - it was really fun and was great to spend some time together (the kids were at my mums) shame hes been a complete arse since! xx
  • Our power went off a couple of months ago but it was at night!!! It went off for a few hours and i had to run round the house getting all frankies stuff and go to my mums. I didnt realise til then how much stuff you need with a baby.

    You can read in a power cut. You do other things if your hubby is home image
  • Unfortunately OH is at work, and there's an active Ollie running around. :lol:
    Ollie wasnt too fussed about it as all his toys worked, but i just felt a bit lost.
    Can't read coz Ollie'd want the book (to eat), thought I could get a bit of sewing done, but i dont like doing it around Ollie yet, Ollie didnt want to play with me either :cry: Boring mummy!
    Wasn't even any cleaning I can do as OH did the last bits of it yesterday, so it starts again tomorrow... :lol:
    I did get the stuff together that we'd need for the MW app and the scan today though, so I found something to do I guess..... :lol:

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