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my lo is 20 weeks old now and doesn roll, my other 2 were both rolling before 16 weeks. any tips on encouraging my lo to roll over, i have tried laying on the floor next to him but he just looks my way, he doesn't even attempt to get nearer to me.

all suggestions welcome, and i can assure you all will be tried, lol

c xxxxx


  • ryan did it first when he just got out the bath think less or no clothes helps. i lay him on his side alot and we chat, maybe that will help?
    he will do it when he is ready dont worry! xx
  • My lo is 16 weeks. She rolls from tummy to back which I think is unintentional, she just loses her balance.
    She arches her back when lying on her back and once on her changing mat she got onto her side. No rolling yet onto tummy but I'm hoping it wont be long.
  • No good tips I'm afraid, just wanted to say not to worry as my lo has only just started rolling both ways and he is now just over 8 months!!!

    We encoraged him by leaving fave toys just out of reach so he went for them. Still quite late to only just start rolling though.
  • oh if i was you i'd not bother entising him into it. lol. they are so much more hard work once on the move! if he can roll both ways then you'll have to be so much more careful and the "baby chase" will begin! he'll do it when he's ready for it... so until then just enjoy being able to put him down and come back in to find him in the same place rather than eating your tv remotes and emptying out your handbag image hehe
  • Well my lo is 23 weks and not rolling but I know he will get to it when he's ready - in contrast however he is almost sitting independently! Just let nature take it's course is my advice!
  • My boys were 5 mth and 6 mth when they 1st rolled, Gracie did it at 15week and she's now repeat rolling off the rug lol.
    I knelt above her and clicked my fingers or rattled a toy above her head so she'd try to look for the noise and overbalance with the weight of her head. However, she did it on her own, front to back 1st, than 4 weeks later back to front.
    They all progress at different stages!
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