Doidy cups

Hi ladies,

The nursery I've enroled B at uses these from 6mnths+ as apparently it's what is now recommended (by whomever makes these recommendations!). Just wondered if anyone uses doidy cups with their LO's & what age you started from?


Ruth xxx


  • My LO refuses the bottle but will drink milk and water from one of these. Again I have to hold to though as if I didn't it would be everywhere!
  • We started with a doidy cup at 6 months and Emilia loves it. I also have to hold the bottom, but she like to hold the handles, and is very proud of her self after every mouthful!! x
  • Tip: practise using them in the bath, so it doesn't matter if they soak themselves! Having said that, Sam is still useless with his..
  • It's the only thing my lo will use and started from 6 mths. It's because (partly) it's better for their teeth as sippy cups concentrate where the liquid hits which is ok if it's water but not if it's juice. That said it is messy x
  • Seth loves his, he started drinking water from his at 4 months when we started weaning. I still hang onto it as he'd drown himself with it if not but he's still really good with it. Good tip about the bath!
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, Benjamin is only 3 months but might start with cooled boiled water (not wasting EBM!) - I imagine he'll just spit most of it out though! Great tip about the bath!

    Sugarpuff, been meaning to say for ages, I love your pic of your DD, it's just gorgeous! She looks just like an Audrey!

  • DS has one and has had it since he was six months. He only uses it briefly at breakfast - and not on his own as he likes to shake his water and obviously that's not ideal in a doidy ! Ha ha !!!
  • I have one for my son but i haven't started using it. My breastfeeding midwife suggested it to me as I can't get my son to drink from a bottle (expressed milk, water, nothing!). He's only 19 weeks though and can't sit up on his own yet so haven't really seen the point in starting with it yet.
  • They say on the packet from 3 months. We started with EBM at 4 months as DS won't take a bottle x
  • I tried my Doidy Cup for the first time today and Sam loves it!! he's been sipping cold water from it and has really taken to it - even if most of it goes all over him, in this weather who cares!!
  • We had to really persevere for a good week before ds would sip from his, now he loves it, though it's still messy business! We started trying it at 6 months when we started weaning, he's nearly 8 months now. x x x
  • My dd (nearly 11 months) hates drinking, and the doidy is the only cup we've had any success with! We still hold the bottom though ... x
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