not interested in milk (also in BIJan10)

So far Abigail has been a dream when it comes to feeding and weaning (touch wood it stays that way). However in the past few days she has become less interested in her bottles of milk. Her daily diary of eating is as follows:
7ish breakfast made with 2oz of milk
9ish 6oz bottle
12ish lunch and pudding
3ish 7oz bottle of milk
6ish dinner
7ish 4oz of milk
bath time staight after
8ish 3oz of milk then bed

She has dropped the milk before her bath and now has 5 oz at 7.30 so dropping 2
she is only having about 4 oz at 3pm and I have to force that down her.

I'm thinking of giving her a beaker of milk as she drinks really well from this at meal times at 3pm with a small snack to get her through till dinner as she will naturally drop this feed next but also she is getting used to milk in a beaker form as I'm planning on having her off the bottle by christmas and onto beakers for all milk.

Just wondered how much milk everyone else LO's were having. Keep reading that she needs between 17-20oz of milk a day this incldes any in her meals, but thn at 9 months this can drop to about 12oz.

Just want some examples of what other children do.


Kelly x
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