Hi everyone!

Hellooo mummies!
Have been away for a while due to moving house but we're all moved in and unpacked now and internet is back on hooray! Hope everyone is ok?
Theo is doing really well, he was 15lb 7oz last tuesday when I had him weighed so gaining weight really well. I'm thinking I'm going to have to maybe start solids soon, he was going through the night up until abput 2 weeks ago and he's started waking at 2am and draining a bottle now, also really interested in food and watching us eat. He's only 14 weeks old tomorrow though so need to talk to my hv or someone first. Anyone else weaned early? Abby was 6 months.
Baby number 3 seems to be doing ok, I'm 6+4 weeks today so still early days and trying to take it easy but obviously still have little Theo to run around after! But I'm just trying to make sure I get early nights and eating well. I have really horrible morning sickness so hoping thats a good sign everything is Ok.
Hope you and all babies are well!


  • hey,

    I started weaning Louise at 16 weeks (she was 2 weeks late and I read that the 17 weeks minimum is from thier edd) she's loving her food!

    when I was suffering babdly with the sickness I was told that it is a sign of a really healthy pregnancy! I was sick both in the mornings and evenings!!

    glad your all settled now and good to hear all is well

  • Hi Carly, good to hear from you. I'm glad that you and Theo are both doing well- I hope the morning sickness starts to fade soon. I really suffered when I was pg, it must be a nightmare with 2 los to look after.
    How is Abby after her operation? Hope she is feeling better.
  • Hi babe, glad to hear your doing ok. Was thinking about you the other day as hubby and I were discussing contraception!
    Glad Theo is doing well. Archie is good, mum saw him today after a wks holiday and thinks he has doubled in size in a wk! S x
  • HI Carly,
    Glad you're all doing so well. I had horrible all day morning sickness with Aoife and was told by MW that it was a good sign, so I'm sure all is well with no. 3! Aoife is 16 weeks tomorrow and I am seriously thinking of starting to wean her soon too. She loves watching us eat and even licks her lips and makes little chewing faces!! She's got a stinking cold at the moment though so might wait until that clears up first!

    I was over in Ireland (Republic) last week and it's really interesting because the HVs over there now recommend weaning from 4 months not 6 months as 6 months may be too late for some babies. Sounds to me like Theo could be ready especially if you take it really slowly at first! Be interested to see what your HV says.

    All the best, Steph
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