I've finally done it

I've put Evie in her own room tonight for the first time, i was going to ages ago but she got ill so i didnt and now i have i hope she'll have a good night i'm so nervous lol xxxx


  • Yay well done hun!! She'll love it and you'll sleep better-well we did anyway! Think it's normal to be nervous at first. Don't think Alfie got much sleep the first few nights as I was in and out of his room like you don't know what!! Good luck x
  • We all sleep much better now Frankie is in her own room but it took a while to get used to it. For a few weeks we slept with doors open too. Then just Frankies door closed and then both doors closed.
  • We're going to have both doors open to start with ad the close them hopefully, i shall keep you posted xxx
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