a Good day.

Well today has turned out to be fab - even though i was dreading today as it was lo's first injections.
They dont seem to have bothered him after all (he cried for about 30 seconds) but is now fast asleep in his COT! after 8weeks co-sleeping he got his cot yesterday and slept in it last night and having his nap in it today ( working well so far)
And the bank has rang me to say ive over paid one of my credit card debts and owe me ??40image (yes OWE ME) wohoo one less credit card debt now only 2 to go.
think someones looking down on me today (bout time to)


  • thats great!

    great that the injections went well (you cant blame for crying a little bit can you?) and that hes settleing in his cot, always lovely when someone gives you money!
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