omg, she slept through!!!

Just had to say that last night Evie (3 and a half weeks) had a bottle at 9.30pm then went to sleep and didn't have her next feed til 6am!

I feel sooo refreshed after a good kip!

It'll prob never happen again though lol!



  • Wow that's good. We didn't get a good night's sleep until after 9 weeks then we had a few more good weeks until she started waking again, so last Monday when she was 18 weeks old we put her in own cot & room and she's sleeping much better again.
  • Wow, well done Evie! image And lucky you! Hehe. Gabe goes 8.30-1.30 then 2 to anything between 5 and 7. I'm on my own as well cos OH works nights! xxx
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