Pesky 1st molars

Well I may have found the reason why Charlotte has been so unsettled the last few days. I had been blaming it all on her mmr jab she had 2 weeks ago....but....whilst changing her nappy earlier I made her laugh and could see a pale bump on her top gum where her 1st molar is. I managed to look at the other side and there was one there too. Whilst feeding her I just about managed to put my finger in her mouth and felt along her bottom gum and I could feel a bump here too!!

No wonder why she's been so unhappy over the weekend, especially if all 4 coming thru at the same time! She had started with what we thought was a cold yesterday as very snotty nosed but today she seems better so could be another teething symptom.

Feel a bit better as I now know why she's been unhappy (and not just due to mmr jab). She seems to get a batch of teeth at the same time. Last time it was 5!! My poor "boddler" as we now call her - she'll be a toddler as soon as she walks (lazy monkey likes to crawl too much)!

She's now playing peekabo with me from the back of the laptop screen!!



  • I am right there with you ccbmommy but I can't feel a bump yet! Lots of grizzling, snot, runny bums and night time waking...and plenty of Calpol! My mil always says it comes in three day spurts and she is right so far. Hopefully not too long now but god I hate teething! and to top it off Neve has her MMR on Friday!
  • Yes I'm also dealing with rank nappies too~!
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