i want to start putting my dd in a grobag but not sure if she is too small. she was weighed 2 weeks ago and was 8lbs 6oz. sne has been putting on a min of 10oz a week so wud probs be 9lbs10 by nw. the grobag says not to be used on babies under 10lbs. i have tried her in it and she looks fine.
what do you think. i'm so paranoid lol!
luc + bri 7+6


  • Hey Luc
    We put Luen in his at about 2/3 weeks old. And he not been weighed yet but he were 8 5 when born.
    If her arms and head cant slip through holes then you will be fine this what i was told.,
  • goodness i thought it was above 8.5lbs - i put toby in his when he was 2 weeks old so about 9lbs.

    if you have any concerns then just wait another week and you will be there.

    they are fab though and take alot of stress out of my concerns is he too hot is he too cold etc.

  • we have tested it for that and it seems fine. just worry about her so much especialy after the sad news about Teddy.
    she is still in our room tho and we have a movement monitor so shud b fine.
    will try tonight now!!
  • hi hun. on some of mine the weight said 7lb something so it appears they vary!

    hope you get on ok with it xxx
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