When to stop sterlising?

LO is coming up to 6 months but has been weaning for a few weeks now. I currently sterilise all the weaning equipment (ice cube trays, spoons, bowls, sippy cups etc) and was wondering if I can stop doing this at 6 months and either fling in dishwasher or wash with soapy water as normal? I EBF so am finding all this sterilising a right pain in the a**e!



  • I was told by hv that they only need to be done till 6 months but bottles till 12 months. TBH I've never done the feeding equipment but only started 2 weeks ago and he's 6 months tomo lol
  • Not weaning yet but was told by hv to sterilise everything (Inc feeding bits) until 1 year...not convinced though
  • I was told that you don't need to sterilise weaning equipment - dishwasher is fine. Only things that have been in contact with milk need to be sterilised (bottles etc).

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  • We wash dd's weaning equipment with warm soapy water and you can wash them in the dishwasher as well, bottles should be sterilised until a year, we are going to keep on sterilising dd's bottles until she is off them, I am a clean freak though!! :lol:
  • My lo is 9 months, when we first started weaning at 6 monthswe did used to sterilise everything, including the ice cube trays, but after about a month I stopped. We still sterilise bottles, etc. and I fling spoons and ds' toothbrush into a cold water steriliser but we don't sterilise absolutely everything anymore. x x x
  • I've never sterilised weaning equipment!
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