Well my mum got her mothersday prezzie early yesterday. I went up to see them and managed to lock jake and the dog in the car with the keys in the ignition and i didnt have a spare. It was the most horrible experience ever. Jake is only five months and could see me but couldnt understand why i wasnt getting him out.

I was shoving coathangers in the door whilst bawling my eyes out feeling likle a terrible mum. In the end i called the fire brigade who were lovely and smashed a window so i could get him out.

All my Oh said was well it was your fault cos you left the keys in the car...and bloody hell we are going to have to replace the window now....I was so angry all i wanted to do was get my baby out.

Men are so bloody insensitive...pigging male pride Quote " If you had waited for me to come then i could probably have taken the window out without smashing it"!!!!

Sorry for the rant ladies...was just really traumatic.

Mum likes men in uniform though and was giggling like a school girl after...image


  • aw you poor thing i wouldnt of cared about the window either hope u gave him an ear full!!at least hes ok now!!!x

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  • I had a car accident (first one ever and fingers crossed the last too!) when lo was about 5 months and I know what you mean. Seeing them and not being able to get to them. Glad you and lo are ok and the fireman sound like a bonus! As for men well don't need to say much, we all know what they're like! x
  • Aaaaw hun, that must have been awful for you both. I'd have been tempted to smash the window myself! My hubby is fireman and he had to help get a little boy out of a car in similar situation so it does happen quite often. So tell your oh that! Glad they got your lo out safely.
  • that must have been horrible hun. ((hugs))

    at least you gave your mum a nice mothers day pressie! ;\)

  • Thanks everyone.I called them because i thought they might have a special tool to open doors without breaking the window.He is fine now!
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