Cot bumpers - meh?

Dangerous or advisable?

Never used them with DD, never saw the point of them.

We moved DS (10 weeks, hilariously long child) into his cot tonight as he'd outgrown the moses basket. Just popped upstairs to find him awake and looking concerned about the fact that his leg was sticking through the bars! He has been retrieved and we're about to put him back down but I'm worried about his leg getting stuck again.

So. What I can do as a quick fix this evening? Are cot bumpers dangerous, should I get one, should I get a padded one or one of those breathe through mesh things?

I was always very set against cot bumpers and now I am confused!!"


  • I always heard not to use them for under 1 yr olds. My ds was moved into his room a few weeks ago - another big boy! We use a sleeping bag for him, so his feet can't get trapped, we used one with dd as well, I think they're great.
  • Not supposed to be used before a year old as they're not breathable if baby gets stuck against it. However, I was recommended these from another BE member: Bumper - Airwrap Mesh Cot Bumper.htm

    which are suitable from birth as they're breathable.

    I'd recommend a sleeping bag too.

    My niece has got one of these for her 15 week old as he's a right fidget bum in his cot: Bumper - Airwrap Mesh Cot Bumper.htm

    she said it's brilliant and keeps him in the same position she left him in!!
    HTH xx
  • We have a traditional padded one that goes around the top of the cot, tbh if I was buying again I'd probably go for one of those mesh ones as it's legs and arms that get stuck through rather than heads!

    For tonight, you could fold a single flat sheet length ways and thread it through the cot to secure it so as to ensure LO can't pull it out. Otherwise a sleeping bag keeps little legs contained, although quite hot for them at the moment.

    Will be interested to see what others say.

    Hope you manage to contain LO tonight!!

  • I think it depends on the baby tbh. If they roll around then fair enough but of they're teeny tiny then I don't see any alarm. On the label on mine it says to remove when child can sit unaided so that doesn't make sense if others are saying 1yr

    what I did when grant was wee was out te bumper at the foot of the bed, so his legs couldn't go out the cot, but it passed his head iyswim

  • since LO could roll around I have used bumpers all around the cot as he bangs his head and limbs. It's got worse since he started crawling.

    I've never had a problem with bumpers *touch wood* but he has a sleeping bag too so his legs are confined, i.e. he would be hard-pressed to climb out. Still, I do worry about them not being breathable.

    I would get an airwrap one but you can't use them on solid end cots.

    I have found these, but think rather expensive:

    ...but I may invest as they would be breathable and safe.

  • Mesh bumpers for solid ended cots are available on the link in the post above actually...well worth it I think. I'm so confused by all the advice as I have read not to use then once able to sit unaided as can be used to climb out the cot, so that would mean after 12 months would be against advice, but have also read not to use before 12 months! The mesh ones are breathable and also collapse so can't be used for climbing, so believe they are safe, although not pretty like traditional ones!

  • I use them for dd, she is 8 months old and I think it is needed becuase when she is awake she rolls around and crawls around the cot banging her head and squashing her head off the top. I dont understand when they say that they cant be used until they are a year old when at a year old they can pull the bumper off easier.
  • didn't use anything with ds, he was rolling at 14weeks so got his legs stuck a fair bit then but after a week or two he soon learnt not to stick his legs thru lol. if we do use one this time round it'll probably be the mesh ones, but really that because it'll be handy to stop dummies falling out every 5minutes lol! x
  • hi there - we got the breathable ones that xkellyx has posted the link too - they are just brilliant i really cant recomment them enough - we have had them for 4 days now and no more stuck legs and i folded it into 4 and could still easily breath through it.

    a very good ??20 well spent!
  • Ta ladies - we put him in a 0.5 tog sleeping bag that I found and he was fine, I'll give him a few more nights and monitor the limb situation, but if he gets stuck again I think the meshy ones might be the way to go.
  • Jezzy - we have the airwrap in our cot and it has solid ends. You just get a 2 sided one instead of 4. x
  • My son is 15 weeks old, and had to go into his cot when he was 12 weeks as he had out grown his moses basket.
    He is such a fidget bum and will not stay still, i had found him at the top of his cot numerous times, and even with his arm stuck through the bars once so i purchased this:

    (just looked and its now on offer grrr haha)

    I would recommend it to anyone! Its so great, he always wakes up in the same position every morning, so i know he is safe - truely is a fab buy! xx
  • hi babyB, thanks, i've actually just ordered one today, the 2 sided airwrap.
    just wondering what you do about the solid cot ends - does it have no protection then?
    I think the mesh bumper will be great in this weather - to have a bit more air circulating. xx
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