Changing milk to help wind?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has changed formula and found it makes a difference? My mother in law says she used SMA with my OH, and he suffered with colic. She changed to Cow & Gate and it solved the problem. I'm going to speak to the HV next week at James' 6 week check, and see what she says. Just don't want to put him through a change in milk, without some research. :\) xx mithical and James 5 weeks 5 days.


  • hi

    we were on sma but changed to cow and gate due to wind issues, doctor said it was fine to change until we found one that suited

    sarah+tyler(12 weeks)
  • hey there

    we started toby on cow and gate - changed to cow and gate confort and then went onto aptimal whish has been fabulous that along with the Dr Brown bottles has worked really well x x x

    ps cant wait to meet you and little man x
  • We changed to Heinz Nurture from C&G and Grace was like a different baby! We changed when she was about 9 weeks I think; she's 23 weeks now.

    Em x

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