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LO unimpressed with me going back to work

Now, this may be all in my imagination but I'm stressing.....I went back to work full time yesterday, leaving my LO with my mum (he will be going to childminder as of monday, she just took some hols to look after him at first). Anyway, he had a great time, I rang home numerous times to hear him gurgling awya in the background), but when I got home from work he just ignnored me! No beaming smiles or anything, he just carried on rolling around playing. He gave his daddy a massive smile (we came in the house together too!). Does my LO really hate me for going back to work or am I just being stupid. I feel guilty as it is and am really missing him so it breaks my heart to be shunned like this! He was also a bit funny with me this morning when we got up. Oh it's not fair!


  • I can totally imagine how your feeling but im absolutely sure he doesnt hate you hon!.... Im dreading going back to work and fortunately for me ill be going back for 3 days per week only. You may just find it hard getting into the routine for a while.. you may be paranoid, as i know I would certainly worry with those signs. Its natural. Give it a few more weeks and if its really still effecting you, then speak to your partner/family about it..
    sorry i cant help more as im not in that position.
    take care and hope things improve for you.
    em x
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