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just a quick q - at what age have you given your lo raisins. the box says 12 months but i've given her other organix stuffthat says 12 months and she's been fine.

My mil said not to give them as they are full of sugar....oh well.....just trying to find more finger foods!




  • crashing from ttc lol but i gave my lennon who is 21 months raisins,the sugar thats in them is natural as far as im aware as its just a dried grape,,i used to chop them up and add them to porrage and as finger foods,its 1 of the only fruit he will eat atm.he stuffs his face with them

    im sure you can have them as part of your 5 a day
  • Hi,
    I think it depends on what you are comfortable with and how many teeth your little one has got, my daughter was on raisins by 8 months but my nephew couldn't manage them til he was almost a year, I think as long as you don't leave them alone with rasins it should be fine.
    As for sugar content, my daughter is diabetic and can't have lots of sugar but rasins are a healthy snack as advised by our dietician, although they do release thier sugar faster than say apple or pear, so I find my daughter sometimes wants something else to eat before meals when she's had rasins as her snack.
    Hope this helps
  • I have just started to buy the Organix raisens and dried apple she is 11 months and she is fine with them.... she would of prob had them earlier if i had thought to buy some but didnt....
  • Charlotte had them from about 9/10 months and she was fine with them. Now she loves having them as a snack and it's good practice to get them picking small things up. The sugar is natural like any other dried fruit tho the sugar is more concentrated but better than a biccie or choccie!!
  • jayden been having them since 7 and half months hes fine with them but i dont let him have too many as they give him poos lol xx
  • Great, I love this site as it's great to see what others are doing!

    I bought some organix ones, I think its raisins and apricots.

    Louise is very good with finger foods - she's 7 months, I gues I can put some on her tray and see what she makes of them.

    They might be a good food though if she's constipated hayleysprit!

    And thanks for giving me a way of explaining to my mil about why they are good for her!
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