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Hi ladies

Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a t-shirt with a funny/cute slogan on about Dads for lo to wear?

Thanks! NN x

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  • you can design your own on hun and if you decide on there let me know coz i'm sure they emailed me a discount code yesterday icould give you xx
  • do slogan t-shirts they even do combo ones for dad and baby. I've had a look all the daddy ones appear to be under the boys/unisex section and some are very inappropriate (IMO) but some look lovely I think it just depends on your taste.

    Dylan and daddy are having master and apprentice t-shirts for Dylans 1st birthday image

  • I love nappyhead

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  • I have lots of cute girly ones
    I have
    "If you think i'm cute you should see my daddy"
    "I have the best daddy in the world" Sainsburys
    "I love my daddy" Tesco

    They are all girlie pinks and purples etc

    I have a few more but i can't think i will check in her drawers when she wakes up!!


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  • We have 'Daddy's Little Princess' which was Tesco. And also something like 'I'm a Little Angel' which is too small now but think that might have been Tesco as well.

  • We have an M&Co one that says Daddy's Little Girl on it. It's pink and purple x
  • aww blue gecko thanks for putting that link up, i went to have a look as it's OH's birthday at the end of next month and i found a babygro saying 'my daddy's cooler than jack bauer', my OH is going to die when he see her in it as he LOVED 24 (and i'm pretty sure jack bauer is his man crush! lol)
  • I've got Flynn one that says 'Me and my Daddy love Germany' haha!
  • i also have some cool pink ones - i think i got them in sainsburys when i was picking up my shopping i have...

    'daddys little princess; 'daddys little angel' and an 'i love my daddy one' although to balance it out she also has an 'im perfect just like my mummy' one today i got one that says 'im gorgeous, mummys gorgeous, daddys lucky lol' :lol:

  • I love I bought one that says I love you everyday daddy. There's a few lovely daddy ones on there
  • I would try asos kids section, I think they had some slogan t-shirts.
  • thats the one i bought mummy mog...much to my hubbys amusement when i showed him last night lol...

  • my ds1 had a lovely wee red tshirt sayling 'millionaire in training' we're still living in hope!
  • My big brother loved this father-and-son combo I gave him when my nephew was born.

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  • Thanks everyone! We have the usual 'daddy's little princess' ones etc (laura and karen - we have that one from Sainsburys too! :lol: ) but wanted something a little more unusual so will defintiely check out all those websites. Thanks! image
  • thanks for the 8nball link - we have got my nephew a t-shirt for xmas that says 'on parole from the naughty step' on it image

    gonna look for some for lily - she already has a '505 mummy, 50% daddy' one, a 'daddy's little princess one and loads more!

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