stinky hands!


my wee Molly likes to suck on her hands, she can fit her whole fist in her mouth :lol: i don't mind her doing it as i don't like dummy's but her hands get a bit stinky! even after a bath and wipe clean they still smell.

any ideas on what to use to get rid of the smell?

thanks x


  • just a good old scrub i suppose, and keep wiping it throughout the day, in between each finger. You dont really wanna go putting things on it if she sticks it in her mouth. Bless her - fitting a whole fist in her mouth! lol xx xx
  • My lo does that too and she's got ezchma (sp??!!) like spots because of it, I havn't notice them smelling
  • yeah thanks will keep with the wiping :roll: She takes them out of her mouth for me to wipe and then sticks them back in there, I tried mits but she soaks them in seconds :lol: Nevermind it's not a bad smell really but i've had a sickness bug so just makes me feel a bit queasy!

  • Oscar has this too, and he's impossible to clean properly because he clenches his fists so tight. I find when he's breastfeeding is the best time to tackle it as nothing will put him off his food! He's also more relaxed so i can open up his hands and clean in between his fingers xx
  • George can get his fist in his gob too :lol:

    I try to keep wiping them and drying them, he somehow gets dirt and fluff inbetween hie fingers and that's a bit yucky
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