Head control


Im just curious what signifies full head control?

Dylan can support his own head when held and sits very comfy on his daddys knee whilst being jiggled without having his head supported and can lift his head off the floor using his arms and without whilst on his tummy. Hes also started pushing up with his legs whilst on my chest using my knees meaning ive got hold of his back but nothing else and hes basically stood. The HV and midwives all said how amazingly strong he is but I havent seen one in over 2 weeks.

Hes 5 +3 and we have been looking into toys for when he is older (door bouncer, walker etc) they all say suitable for when child can hold head unaided, but surely hes far far too young yet, so what am I missing?

I dont and wont put him in these things yet as I know hes too young so what constitutes full head control?

Em and Dylan 5 + 3
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