Where to go on hols with a 4-month old?

Hi all

Sorry I'm gatecrashing again!!!

Hubby has received some good news financially and this is great as it means we can now go on holiday with baby Angus - when he / she is 4-months old. Hubby wants a 'proper' summer holiday in August and it makes sense to take it over my 30th!

I suggested Egypt as we've both wanted to go for yonks but we aren't sure about the suitability of taking a 4-month old.

I'm a nervous flier and am also worried about coping on a flight with a newborn (ish!) so ideally not too far...

If anyone can recommend anywhere I'd be grateful.

Hubby wants the SUN!!!

Joo xxx


  • Don't go to Eygpt! We went to Sharm a few years ago in August and it was as hot as 50 degrees while we were there, great for the two of us, not so good for a tiny baby!
    We went away in September last year when Barney was 10 weeks, took him to Cala D'or in Mallorca, somewhere we've been before and knew was nice. The flight is only 2hrs 20mins and we've always found everyone very helpful. Flying with a newborn is dead easy, particularly if you are bfing as you don't need to worry about bottles and stuff. Your lo will probably sleep most of the way and will be quite happy sat on your knee the rest of the time. I am also a nervous flier and I find I am actually better when I have a baby with me as I am too busy with them to worry as much. The weather will be lovely there at that time of year.
    If you do really fancy Eygpt what about going later in the year, if you went late Sep/Oct it would be a bit cooler. We did have a fab time there, the snorkelling was fantastic (not that babies can snorkel :lol: ). We are actually going back, to Hurgada this time, in May this year with our two lo's.
  • I agree with Bedhead - the weather in August will be unbearable for a baby - I adore the sun and we went in July but at almost 120 each day it was too hot even for me and I'm really dark skinned!
    Somewhere in the Canaries or Balearics would be nice and not as hot!
    Happy holidays!!
  • hi joo i think anywhere abroad will be hot in august ...saying that we thought that when we went to portugal last may :lol: (it rained 4 out of 7 days!!)however i think in august u are more than likely goint o have good weather in portugal ...flight is 3 hours and as long as u stay close ish to the airport the transfers are pretty simple ....hope this helps xxxxxx
  • How about France, I know its not very exotic but..... children are very well recieved in most places, the flight is not very long, great food, great wine, most british people can speak a little french and most french people can speak a little english. You could hire a fantastic Gite with a pool and your OH would get sun.
  • we went to malaga when finley was 4 months old. it wouldnt have been our1st choice but in nov it was warm but cool enough for a young baby and to be honest we wanted somewhere that if something went wrong we could get an english speakin doc and could have a short journey back home.xxx
  • wouldn't recommend the canaries with a 4 month old - we went there the first week of aug last year and it was far too hot, over 40'c every day (we did apparently catch the kalima though) it would be too hot for a young baby - but would be nice later on, the temp doesn't vary too much in that area though according to the locals....

    somewhere like france or spain would be good.

    We're not being that brave this year and are going to staff for a week with the kids. Hopefully it will still be warmish in Oct, but for our first hol with baby x2 we thought we'd 'stay home' so to speak :lol:

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