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Evie is now 12weeks & i'm going to be moving her into her cot as soo as the night lights come, i just have a few questions if anyone could answer them
1, do you have a monitor in the room so you can hear them
2, did you first put the moses in the cots and then moved into the cot or go straight into the cot
Thanks xxxx


  • I transferred Ruby to a crib when she got too big for the basket but she HATED it and so we just put her straight into the cot! She was fine, preferred it in fact.
    As for a monitor, Ruby is 6 months old today and is going into her own room tonight for the first time (hubbie has a big job of dismantling the cot and taking it through to the nursey tonight!). We will be having a monitor on, even though she is just across the hall and the door will be open.
    Hope that helps.
  • alex went to his own room at 12 weeks coz oh snores, and was waking him up. he slept so much better in his cot than his basket. we used aa monitor we had to shut the door to keep the cats out. hope all goes well tonight
  • We put Frankie in her own room at 3 weeks cos we were disturbing her all the time. We put the moses basket in the cot and when she was 9 weeks we moved her in to the cot. She started sleeping through most nights once she was in the cot. We think when she was moving about she was hitting the moses basket with her arms and legs and waking herself up.

    We do have a monitor cos she goes to bed about 8. For the first few weeks that she was in her own room we get the bedroom doors open but we close them now. I keep the parent part of the monitor on my bedside cabinet. Ours only goes off when she makes noise so there is not constant fuzz.
  • Cameron went in his room at 8 or 10 weeks i think, he was in his moses in his cot for a week then just into the cot. He slept really well in there straight away, we do have a monitor but its on very low now because he wakes to chat to himself...and i dont need to be awake to hear that. so it only wakes me if he cries or shouts.
  • thanks girls, its really helped, i'll really miss her lol as shes good company when hubby is working away xxx
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