a real restless day

Hi I just need a bit of an escape really and here seems the perfect place. My OH is away until Friday, we have a gorgeous 8 week old and a dog. I have been managing quite well so far with OH being back at work and also working away but my gosh today has been trying.......After waking up at 5am and not really settling, i ended up putting her in with me, slept on and off until 8.30, we then got up to walk the dog, who pulled all the way (she is a cocker) and my LO crying all the way, this morning things have not got better. We went to the cinema which was lovely and a meander around the Trafford Centre but then when we get home she is screaming and no amount of dummy or cuddles help so I resort to feeding, she was only fed 2 hours earlier from me, she sunk 6 oz of breastmilk from the bottle but still she is unsettled, we are on infacol (2 thingies full) and she has a good burp but still she is very very unsettled. Now I have changed her, cuddled and she has slept on and off but still she spits the dummy out for a good cry I am at my wits end. I am fed up of brestfeeding, I don't feel she is getting enough as she wants more 2 hours later (this has been going on for a few days now), I think formula may be more substantial, I don't know if this is a growth spurt, at 8 weeks???????? I am just fed up and tired and p'eed off that OH is away getting good nights sleep...jealous....yes a little.

I have had to just put her in the bedroom for a good cry as I can't cope at the moment.

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  • hi hun, sorry you are feeling sad, I know it must be hard with hubby working away, but can you sleep when lo sleeps during the day, do you have anyone who can help you whist you get some sleep to look after babe, if you need to give babe formula feed after bf, see doc about pnd if you really sad. hope this helps x
  • I don't think it is pnd I am just having an off day I think????...... if it carries on then yes I will go and see him. Sadly no, we don't have anyone around to help I really wish we did, I feel really crap when I am not giving her what she wants which is a good douce of loving but I am on a really short fuse and finding it hard to deal with the constant screaming and unsettled behavior, hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Maybe it is because she isn't getting enough milk from me, or she hasn't had a good sleep today, keeps getting woken up, or it is a growth spurt........I don't know.

    Thank you for replying, it is nice to chat even if it is cyberspace x x
  • My LO is 7 months now so whether I remember exactly what she was like at 8 weeks I am unsure, however I started of BF her, then after 2 days I was so sore I ended up FF for a day and then trying again. Ended up after this BF during the day and then giving FF before bed and then through the night BF initially but she wouldn't settle and so FF and she would then go off to sleep. Then at 3 weeks old I introduced a FF at 1pm as, like you say, she was feeding so often I just needed a break. It was like she didn't know what to do as she was awake but not hungry and so didn't need to cry. She looked so confused.

    Anyway, I am rambling now. What I am trying to get at was that my LO used to cry an awful lot, and would feed an awful lot up to 8 weeks and beyond. I actually can't remember when we finally got into a nice routine whereby she didn't need to feed so often. If you are concerned she isn't getting enough milk from you then do whatever you have to do to ease your anxiety about this. I worried for a while that my LO wasn't getting enough but I knew if I introduced another FF in the day I would end up solely FF and that wasn't what I wanted, and I knew that with the 2 FF I gave her and the countless BFs she was getting her quota for the day. Like you say tho, she had 6 oz of breastmilk from a bottle and was still unsettled, so it can't be that she isn't getting enough.

    My LO was a hungry baby, maybe you have one of those too. It will get easier. Just do whatever you think is best for your own sanity and peace of mind x
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