Some one please tell me to stop being stupid!!!

The rational side of me knows I am being silly and worrying about nothing but there is something at the back of my mind saying I am overfeeding and should be worried!

Basically I had DD weighed today for the first time in 4 weeks. She is 29 weeks tomorrow and had put on 1lb 5oz since I last had her weighed. She was 15 lb 4 weeks ago and is now 16lb 5 oz! She is on the 50 centile (again this should be telling me she doesn't have a weight problem lol). The HV are really pleased with her and commented on how lovely she looks.

While I am really pleased she is doing so well part of me is worried as I thought they slowed down in weight gain around now and I am worried if she carries on gaining weight at this rate she is be the size of a small wendy house! It didn't help that I went to ASDA after having her weighed and while I was queing up, one of the staff happened to start talking to Niamh in the trolley and she asked how old she was. When I said 29 weeks tomorrow she looked very shocked! When I asked how old she thought DD was she said she is really big for 29 weeks :\( Que me getting really parnoid again!

She is taking to weaning ok. She as 1 weetabix for breakfast with 2 oz of milk, lunch and tea can be anything really. Today she has half a muffin with cheese on and a strawberry jelly and for lunch she had half a banana and half a ella pouch veggie bake. She has also had a bit of garlic bread and a few rice cakes throughout the day! She also has 4 x 7oz bottles!

Please reassure me I am being stupid and make me see sense



  • you said it lol. 50 centile is fine & you can't make a kid feed if not hungry.
  • You are being silly! My lo is about 3 weeks older than yours and she is over 20lbs already. She is on the 91st centile, has a big budha belly and chunky legs. She loves her food and eats well at every meal and has 4 either bf or ff everyday. It really is far too early to start worrying about weight in that way. You sound like you are giving her a nice varied healthy diet, the only thing to worry about at this stage is that you are not giving her too much salt. She has a lot of growing to do and so needs a lot of calories so don't worry about over feeding her and let her tell you when she has had enough.

    You are doing a good job, try not to stress.
  • Oh lovely! She sounds just perfect! My LO weighed 17lbs 10oz at 16 weeks!!!! Babies are pretty good at knowing their limits, and are pretty hard to overseer, so if you're feeding her a balanced diet, you are doing everything right!


  • dd was weighed today. she is 22 weeks and weighed 16lb 13. she is between the 75th and 91st centile for weight. she wears 6-9 month clothes. she's also ebf. 50th centile is average. your child is really not going to be a wendy house!
  • LO's can't overfeed hun and if she does take too much it'll all come back up again...i can guarantee my LO was bigger than that, he was always high up on the centiles (can't remember exactly) and now he's still a little piggy but skinny (well sort of :lol: )! he's 2 in 3 weeks and still wearing 12-18 months clothes lol! x

    24 weeks ish...

    and now...

  • ok, My lo is was last weighed about a week or so ago when he was 22 weeks, he is just under the 98th centile, and I dont think you have anything to worry about!! Relax. Its good that they are gaining weight.

    Some peoples comment's dont help, I get told it when people are told how many weeks my lo is and it really does annoy me. You cant over feed a baby! he is equally on the 98th centile for length too!
    He isnt that chunky is he??

  • you can over feed a baby! but the ops baby is not one of them!
  • Niamh is the perfect size!

    Adam is nerly 28 weeks and weighs over 19lbs. He's on the 75th centile for weight and on the 99.8th (!) centile for length.

    Everyone always makes a massive deal over how big/tall he is when they find out he is only six months! I just smile and nod and try not to take it to heart!

    When he was recovering from his 6-week sickness bug, Adam put on 1kg in two weeks. I didn't tell the HV at the clinic, I just mumbled that he was still tracking his centile and scarpered!!

  • Niamh is perfect. Stop worrying NOW!
  • I agree with Cath! Niamh is perfect image

    Emily is a very similar size and build (i think from pics i have seen of Niamh) to Niamh and she definately doesn't have a weight problem. Emily was 16lbs 2oz at 26 weeks and had put on exactly a pound in 4 weeks. I was the opposite to you though and thought she wasn't gaining enough! I always worry that Emily is quite light for her age and quite skinny - younger babies at the baby group i go to always seem heavier and have a faster weight gain!

    Niamh is on the 50th percentile (like Emily) and they are perfectly normal and average sized babies image I think people can forget how big/small a baby 'should' be by a certain age and don't think before they speak. My neice and nephew were both teeny prem babies so Emily is always compared to them and of course she will seem huge and heavy to my sil as her babies were much smaller!

    Take care and try not to worry - if Niamh wasn't hungry she wouldn't take the food, you are doing a great job image xxx
  • Ps - stop being stupid! :P :lol: xxx
  • Thank you everyone for knocking sense into me lol

    I know she is perfect and I am stupid for worrying. I think alot of it comes down to my nephew who has always been on the larger size and as always had people commenting on his size (often not in a good way either) and I have been hurt by those comments and know I would be even worse if someone made comments like that about Niamh
  • lol here here!!
    some people just have bigger babies then others. I very much disagree with calleigh, a baby will let you know when they have had enough. I don't like people insinuating that i over fed my lo, he is just a healthy wieght for his height.

    My eldest was exactly the same, once they get moving it soon falls off. he is now a slim active 10 yr old!

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  • 2littlemonkeys - your little man looks gorgeous x
  • Everyone says Dylan is huge (75th centile for weight unsure for height as they wont measure him till hes 1!) it winds me up no end! Someone said he was sturdy today and thats no better!

    Your lo sounds to be perfect and hv is happy, stop worrying although if its not about her weight it will be something else the curse of being a mummy image

  • he's gorge 2little monkeys my ds1 now 6 is on 75th for weigth and height so is perfect weight xx
  • :lol: at 'sturdy'!

    Why don't people *think* before commenting?!

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