very worried.....

Gabe has not eaten properly for days. And after about midday he seems to refuse milk and food entirely. Today he had a 6oz bottle when he woke and a rusk an hour later. Another 6oz bottle at 11am and then a couple spoons of spag bol at 12 for dinner. Since then he has had about 2oz milk. He has been the same for 5 days but this was a good day eating wise...he is happy enough in the morning but at about midday he changes and just cries and whines all the time until bed time when he goes down OK and usually sleeps thru but i think this is cos we've been giving him medised cos something isnt right, he is obviously poorly but hasn't got a cold....he has his first 2 teeth come through this week but I thought the discomfort ended once they cut thru the gum? But he seems to be getting worse & worse? Gonna see how it is tomorrow then get an emergency docs appointment...has anyone else had this?!? I am just soooo frustrated it feels like it is 1 thing after another, first his eczema disturbed him, then he got a cold and that did and now this!!!! He hasn't been his 'normal' happy self for MONTHS!!!!


  • bless him
    big hug from me and faith
  • Sorry hun really shouldnt moan considering all the problems youve had with little Faith!! Its just frustrating when you don't know what is wrong xx
  • Have you changed his milk or the type of rusks you give him? Only thing I could think of was that something he is eating in the morning was giving him tummy ache later in the day. Does he still nap well? Could the problem be that he is too tired to want to eat? Millie still does that now, she is currently eating a sandwhich on the sofa as when I gave her her proper tea she wouldn't eat it as she is really tired this afternoon. Hope you get him sorted, it's horrible when you know they are normally cheerful but something is bothering them.
  • tiger lily you can moan to me any time hope feeling better soon hun
  • No he is on the same milk and has the same rusks he's had since 4 months (farleys)...nothing has changed at all! That's why I just don't get it. Some mornings he won't eat either and tends to refuse solids full stop (as I said today was a v good day for food) and maybe have 2 bottles. He is napping as he always was - 2 or 3 30-45min naps throughout the day, I know it doesnt sound like much but he's always been the same and never had a problem with it. Sometimes he refuses his last nap but hes done this loads and still eaten fine.
  • Poor Gabe image he's had one thing after another lately hasn't he?

    Was just wondering if he's still suffering the effects of the cold? He may be okay in mornings when he's slept well, but then as day goes on he might feel a bit grotty again. Or it could be more teeth on their way.

    I'd prob take him to docs just for reassurance.

    If he seems to prefer drinking from a cup then you could try putting some formula in his beaker- if it's teething pain the bottle could be hurting his mouth.

    Really hope he feels better soon. xxx
  • He usually has baby cereal and sometimes weetabix mixed with fruit. He doesnt usually have rusk for brekkie usually as a finger food dessert after a meal. But oh fed him brekkie today and don't think he knows how to make anything else :lol:
  • Charlotte has been exactly the same for the last few days!! I think she is off it but does not show any signs of being poorly. It could be her teeth as so many come thru. I know exactly how you are feeling hun. I've just had to give her finger food in the end as she will happily feed herself...?!
    Maybe they are both bored with spoon feeding??!
    Who knows....
  • Could it be the medised? i thought it wasnt meant for children under 2? (thats what it says on the website). Could be upsetting his tummy? xxx
  • Its for 3+ months it says on the box. The pharmacist sold it me anyway and said it was fine as long as not given at the same time as calpol or similar...I've used it before anyway and has been fine.

    Went to the doctors today after a terrible night where he wouldnt stop crying & also had diarrea (sp??). He has a chest infection and is now on antibiotics and diarelyte. He is refusing the diarelyte completely and also refusing all food. Had 3.5oz at 7am and attempted to feed him brekkie but he only had a couple of spoons wont eat anything else!!! Yesterday he didn't eat from midday to 9pm!!!!

    Im so worried. hope the antibiotics kick in soon.
  • Tiger Lily. I feel you on the one thing after the other. Mine was colic, reflux (still).exzema that might be something else now.

    I also think it might be something he's having in the morning. I also thought that teeth once through, should calm down but it might be worrying him more than other kids.

    But I would probably say take him to docs. Though I get annoyed with them cause they never seem to quite get it. And when I get there with my little miss she seems to act fine around them unless there are physical signs, they tell me oh well she seems fine and we cant find anything wrong.

    But its been going on for a while, I would go to the docs. Nothing more frustrating than an unsettled LO.... I know how it feels. I cry as much as she does. And I thought at this stage the struggling should be getting less not more.

    Good luck!!!!
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