Baby carriers and buses?

Is it safe to take lo on a bus in his baby bjorn carrier?



  • i've done this a few times. didn't occur to me that it was a problem actually. It just seemed easier than taking pram on.x
  • I can't see why it wouldn't be? If they were on a bus normally they'd be sat on your knee, surely fixed into a carrier is much safer than that.
  • I haven't done it but saw someone else doing it the other day while I was standing with my pram after being refused by three buses and I cursed myself for not thinking of it!!
  • Thanks, I thought it would be ok but then started to question myself. Got to get 2 buses on Wednesday and thought it would be much easier than taking the pushchair.
  • I don't see why it wouldn't be safe, it'd certainly be a lot easier! Don't worry chick, it'd be fine X x x
  • Done it lots of times as has hubby far easier than manouvering a pram! Especially when you have to get 2 buses as I do to hospital appointments, also means you can get on the older buses which aren't low riders

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