Please help I need some advice

Last night Holly sicked up her last bottle (she is NEVER sick) and has had a slight temp ever since (can't find bloody thermometer!) so I put her to bed and gave her calpol but she has been kinda moaning in her sleep which isn't really unusual for her but she still has a temp this morning and Im ment to be flying with her at 9am!! Im unsure if I should go or not? Its only an hours flight and then if she is still not right I can take her to a gp there. Any advice???
Amy xxx


  • I would go - like you say it s a short flight and only a slight temp and you can seek advice here when you arrive if needs be!
  • Hello. I had a similar problem with Lauren when she was about 4. She was sick when we got to the airport which I put down to travel sickness. I think our flight was about 4 hours (to Lanzarote) and she had more sickness and diorreah on the plane which was really difficult and then was ill more when we arrived. Took her to the local Spanish GP who was lovely and diagnosed food poisoning! (I think I undercooked fish fingers!).
    Then when she was about 6 she became ill with cramps while in cornwall and we had to see a gp there who said get her home as he thought it was appendicitis and we'd be better near our own hospital else we'd be stuck in Cornwall! Turned out she had Colic! (didnt realise you could get it older but my dad said he used to get it when he was 10).

    My point being (finaly we get there!) that dont delay going as wherever you are there is always a Dr nearby. But, if its going to be worrying you a lot then get to Drs to be reassured before you go. Probably you've gone now - hope everything worked out ok.

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