Jack in Mei Tai sling. With pic!

Well, after Kerry making one we decided to try it out the same day we got it and Jack loved it! Theyre so easy to put on, really safe and secure - theres no chance of LO falling out! Absolutly gorgeous sling and well worth the money.

Heres Jack and his Daddy getting ready to go out image



  • he looks so happy in the sling!!!! i definately want one when lo is born, have stored the info in my ebay thingy!!! (how technical am i? lol)
  • Thanks! He really loved it! People even commented on how lovely it was. I really recommend them! I suffer with back aches quite a bit and you honestly cant feel you're carrying baby!! image

  • Oh fantastic how cute is Jack, he looks so excited!!

    I cant wait to get mine its the same as yours but pink yay xx
  • aww how cute ,he looks so happy ....i havnt ever heard of these slings though ...have i been living in the dark ages?? :lol:

  • Yes Lisa you have!! Come on out Mrs Flintsone! :lol:

  • Only just seen this cos I've been away, but I'm sooooooooo pleased that you like it!!
    This is Barney enjoying his yesterday

  • Looks fab. I love the idea of being able to carry lo on my back as well as front and hip (I sawy your ebay post) Better check with hubby before I part with cash as already have a baby bjiorn that I hardly use and it hurts my back. S x
  • He looks so happy Kerry! Bless him! Will definatly recommend that everyone now emails Kerry asking for a Mei Tai sling!! No other ones compare!!

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