Anyone struggle to wean baby?

Hi ladies and beautiful babies :\)

My little boy is 10.5 months old, we've been trying to wean him since just after 4 months old. He's either not interested, throws it up or clamps his mouth shut. The vomiting is on every single food product other than rusk (dry), baby crisps or empty icecream cones (he can polish a whole one off) so we know he can keep something down. He's just on milk and juice at the moment, we went to the docs this morning to rule out a medical cause and he said he was well and that some babies just take longer than others.

I just wanted to know if there are any other babies out there still not weaned? (Older than 6 months) I suppose I just wanted to know we weren't alone.

Thanks image


  • Hi! Don't worry my dd1 was not interested in weaning until aout 9 months even though I was trying from 6 months. Stressful isn't it? And so frustrating. A friend told me that fussy weaners will generally like white food ie yoghurt bread mild cheeses etc and this did hold true with jessica. He will start eating when he's ready though so try not to fret too much.

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