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Mumps question!

Hi All,

I am really hoping that I am being totally paranoid, but this afternoon my cheek is really painful and has become slightly swollen. It doesn;t seem to be teeth related and can't feel any spot like lumps anywhere. It is quite uncomfortable and suddenly had a niggling thought it might be mumps....! I have been feeling stiff and achey for a few days, but just been ignoring it and putting it down to rushing around a lot and working muscles that are not used to it, but looking at symptoms achey joints can be a symptom! Has anyone else had this, and how serious would it be if my 9 month old daughter Lily gets it?? Obvioiusly she hasn't hads the MMR jab!!!




  • I've had mumps and it wasnt unpleasant but it wasnt nice- i had to eat soft food for a while because my throat hurt, and i was confined for 2 weeks till the contagiousness subsided.
    the pain wasnt too bad, but the unsightliness of my face being twice the size did upset me a bit.

    It is highly contagious though, so if you think you might have it I'd talk to a GP tomorrow.

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