Taking lo swimming for first time tomorrow, any advice?

Hey ladies

I'm hoping to take Allannah (6 months) swimming tomorrow and I'm looking for any advice or tips. Have some questions that might be a bit stupid. How long do you usually stay in the pool assuming lo's having a good time? Getting in our swim suits and changing after wards seems difficult, any tips on managing this without losing my mind lol? Do I just lay her on a blanket on the floor while I change?



  • Our local pool has a little changing table for changing babies, there is one pool side and one in the changing rooms. Will she just be in a swimming nappy or do you have a wet suit thing? With dd1 she would usually just wear a swimming nappy and even in the baby pool she wouldn't last too long before getting cold - I could usually tell when her lips started to go blue. We took dd2 swimming for the first time the other week, she wore a little wet suit wrap around which apparently keeps them warm enough to stay in for twice as long and also keeps them warm when you get out, and it certainly seemed to. We got it from the baby show but I know you can get them on-line its from a company called Splash About.

    When you get out change her first before you so she doesn't get cold and then put her in her pram while you get ready, she might get a bit fussy then so try and take a snack or a toy for her to play with while you are changing.

    Hope Allannah enjoys her first swim.
  • Hiya, ive just started with my LO, he just gone 7 months! Firstly take her in her jim jams! Saves changing her only to change her again! You can take a change of clothes for after. Dont know what your changing room is like but mine really cramped so take something to kneel on just in case!! LO stays in pool for 30 mins max. HTH! xx
  • we have got a baby warmer suit from mothercare for when jacob starts his lessons, some pools have a family change room with a baby changer unit x
  • We took Oliver for the first time a couple of weeks ago when he was 8 weeks. I got ready first then changed him and took him to the side of the pool in his car seat. He then got wrapped in his towel and sat in his seat while I had a shower (he was asleep at the time so thought it would be easier to leave him!) Then I dried him and changed him before I got dressed. We only stayed in the water for about 20 minutes as he only had on a swim nappy and trunks.
  • Thanks ladies, that's great. I haven't bought a warmer suit cause I find them a bit on the expensive side, thought I would try without one first even if it's just for a few minutes to see if she likes swimming. I have a swim nappy and little swim suit for now.
  • Hope this isn't too late, but my tips would be:

    a) Go wearing your swimming costume under your clothes. This saves a lot of time and stress initially.

    b) Get into the pool slowly if possible. I took Peter in too fast the first time and he yelled the place down.

    c) For babies, the advice I was given was never keep them in longer than 20 minutes or they will get cold. I'd probably stick to 15 min max on a first outing.

    d) Have fun! We go every week now and Peter loves it!
  • If you've got a fold up changing mat, I;d pop that in your bag in case there isn't a changing table available. Our local pool has them but the changing rooms at Waterbabies didn't when I started this week so I was glad I took it! I also take two towels for Ollie, one to wrap him in initially, but obviously that soaks up a lot of water and gets wet, so I take a second towel to ensure he is properly dry before I dress him. I agree that going in yhour swimming costume saves time and wear clothes and shoes that are easy for you to get on and off in a hurry! Enjoy!
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