Dream job?

Just been bored and nosey sorry....

Outside of being a mummy, what job would you love to do, are doing, or dreamed of doing when you were a child. Do you feel like you are able to do what you'd like to do career wise still with having los, or has it changed since...

I wanted to be a doctor, and now I'm a nurse, but I still want to be a writer... and have published a couple of short stories, but sometimes I would love to do something completely different. My children changed everything as my first came along 2 days after my 20th birthday.



  • My dream job would be as a female David Attenborough! I'd love to make wildlife documentaries! At the moment I work as a section manager and lecturer in a college but really don't want to go back after maternity leave, kind of have to though!
  • i love old stuff! (not so much old people thou) ~


    i want to be a historian!!

    or a midwife. infact. my dream job would be getting to wear victorian era type clothes and take guests on a tour of a great stately home each day. i dont care how repetitive it would be...i have a passion for the victorian era and also abit for the tudor too. image
  • oooh, catering, just my own small biz, i totally love cooking/baking/feeding people so that would be my perfect job. x
  • if any of you would like me to talk you out of being a midwife, just email........

    like you hedgie, i'd love to have been a writer - books like Jill Mansell (who i think was also a nurse if i'm right, so maybe there is some hope.....!!))

    i'm not sure what else really - it would be something where i could work as and when i want to, earn good money so i can have a nice cleaner / ironing lady.

    otherwise, in all honesty, i probably am doing my dream job!! it is what i always wanted to do from as far back as i can remember, and i love doing what i can for women and their new tiny miracles!
  • I would love to be a librarian but couldnt keep my gob shut all day!

    Otherwise would love to do something that involves history or failing that Chief Cake Taster at Slatteries lol x
  • i would love to be a professional photographer, hopefully next year I will get the chance. my dream job - I would LOVE to be a mw. I think alot of ladies do after theyve had a baby and Im no acception.

    Elaine&Boys xx
  • When I was at school I wanted to work in journalism or PR but i only lasted 2 months of sixth form so i gave up on that.

    I would now love to work with disadvantaged children eg children in care. If i won the lottery i would foster but my house is not big enough to do it now!

    My real job is as an accountant. I dont love it but i dont hate it either. It pays the bills
  • Well, when I had my carear interview at 15 we had to answer loads of questions about what type of jobs we like, are we thinkers or doers etc anyway my mum brought over loads of my old school reports yesterday and my carears sheet was in amongst it all and the job that it came out with for me was retail display assistant...which is part of my job now, i totally forgot about it till i saw it! I work for a young womens fashion retailer and I always do all the displays, dress the mannequinns and choose the outfits etc I love thinking that my outfits could inspire people who dont know how to dress for the body shape etc

    The other carear I would like is to work with children with learning difficulties, I think since having Joshua its made me realise there must be so many children out there who dont get the help they need or deserve. Once we have baby number 2 (not pg or ttc just yet) and he/she is at shcool ill then go to uni, in the mean time i love my current job...and the discount is good too! xxx
  • I've always wanted to be a writer. Or poet. I don't mean to boast but I was always brilliant at writing stories (when I was at school I used to do the characters as spoofs of people we knew and made my friends laugh so much). I was always writing stories from a very young age...however now I'm afraid since having Gabe my brain has turned to cauliflour & no hope of seeing my name in print anytime soon!
  • lynnes post has had me thinking about another one of my "ideal jobs" - i would like a nursery chain store that only sold things that mums wanted, instead of all the gimmicks that places like mothercare sell!!

    there was a derelict nursing home for sale in my town that i drive past (at the end of a motorway, so excellent access), and i had it all planned -

    the individual bedrooms upstairs would be decorated in each of the nursery room themes & furniture that i would sell, the massive lounge downstairs would be for all the car seats & prams etc - including a little "off road" area for all the 3 wheeler type prams, and the kitchen turned into a coffee shop.

    i would only stock prams that i liked the fabric of tho' -sorry!,- and i would be honest about each prams good and bad points. i'd have a range of clothing - preferably something "different" (i love Next etc, but you know what i mean!!), but not at designer prices.

    it would all be aimed at normal people, not those who have millions that dont miss paying fortunes for a pram etc!

    now, the building was up for ??400k, but may have come down in the credit crunch, so if anyone has a spare ??399, 999, would you like to be a business partner? :lol:
  • I am desperate to become a midwife so would love so info oliver2001 thanks if you have time of course.

    I have always wanted to work with children and i am very interested in obstetrics but most inportantly have them of my own, i only have macey at the mo who is 15 months but would def like more! This is one of my problems i know what i want to do but dont know whether i will have the time to do it! x
  • ollier2001 is great! She sent me fab detailed emails about what its like to be a midwife...the good and not so good side too. I would like to thank her cuz she gave me the courage and inspiration to apply. And i have!!! just waiting for the uni to make a decision on me...will let u all know how it went! Thanks again Nicki for all ur help xxxxxx
  • i was training to be a chef and worked in hotels for a few years cooking in the kitchen, but the shifts were a bitch so had to change my plans when i had kids and got married.
    last year i dont the first year of an acconting course was saposed to start the second year this sept but was 7 month pregnant then so have put it on hold for a year or two, then i will do the second year at night like i done with the first as i cant stand the though of leaving my kids during the day, and doing it this way i should be qualified by the time my youngest starts school.
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