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Does Anyone Make There Own Jewellery

Iam wantin to make my own jewellery for my wedding day but i havent a clue what i need,ive looked on a few websites and they is loads of tools and wire ect... i dont know which i will need,so if any of you ladies make your own jewellery,can you please give me a list of what i will need,thank you



  • hi there
    i am no expert but i do the odd bit of jewellery making and i made my bridesmaids jewellery for my wedding in aug 08, it is simple once you get going but starting off and knowing what you need can be confusing and also expensive!!

    if its only for your wedding youwant to do this then check you cant buy what you want for cheaper, but having siad that, once you start, you are unlikely to stop and all the tools obvs will be reusable!! it is agreat hobby and i must start again!!

    i started by looking in hobbycraft - they have little kits and all you need is in them apart from a pair of crafting pliers. this is a good way to start as you practice the skills and get an eye for what you are doing, then you can progress, try things out for yourself etc

    hobbycraft does tend to work out more expensive when you are making your own and i use online shops generally for my bits andpieces but also have a local shop that stocks all of my reqs (and more lol)

    you may also find there are courses in your area that you could go to - again my local shop ran courses and i learned a lot there but tbh i still stick to my own ideas and styles - and i have to be one of the most unimaginative people ever lol!!

    some good sites to google wouuld be
    beads unlimited
    happy hippo
    ?mad about cards

    also there are bead fairs that travel the country from time to time and work out cheap if you stock up

    also try ebay for what you need

    hope that helps - any questions ask away!!

    jane xxx
  • that is a massive help thank you,ive been looking at jewellery making kits and books and the more i look at them the more excited i get (sad i know :lol: ) ive been wanting an hobby since i left work to look after my 3 kiddies and i think this could be it,thank you again

    sarah image
  • your welcome hunni
    it really is great fun and my friends still love recvn presents - great when you have loads of kit in but no money lol!!

    if you want any help email me!!
    j xxx
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