For mums with boys - clothes?

Just a quick question, what do you dress your little lads in, and where do you buy it from?

Barney is growing out of his 3-6 month stuff and I need to buy new clothes, been shopping this morning and I'm struggling to find anything nice! All anyone seems to have for little boys is jeans, which I don't mind, but I don't ONLY want jeans. I've seen a couple of nice sets but as Barney pukes for Britain I really need seperate trousers so I can buy 3 t-shirts to go with each pair :lol: just to make things even more hard I really need lined trousers as he has a bit of excma on the ack of his knees and scratchy fabrics make it worse. HELP :lol: :lol:


  • I buy stuff from H&M, Pumpkin Patch and Mothercare. Works for me. I like to put him in nice clothes lol. I can sometimes spend a whole day in pjs but Hugo is in nice trousers and tee lol.

    Hugo has the same thing as Barney - a bit of dry skin patches on skin around knees, so I prefer the lined trousers as well. Also Magic cream is magic :P

    The shops I go to might be a bit more expensive, but they re really good quality and tend to be less boring! :P

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  • Hmmm Mothercare was a dead loss this morning but I haven't tried the other two. Looks like I'll have to go into town next week instead of relying on retail parks :lol:
  • Haha, most things that I get from mothercare are pjs (great!) and sometimes trousers (there was these ones I liked so much I was ready to buy them in bigger size, but they re out of stock image).

    Most clothes are from pumpkin patch and h&m, but I have to say though, quite a few stuff I get from Sweden, which is DAMN nice! Very original, NOT blue! lol
  • OH FORGOT - next can sometimes have some goodies as well. What I usually do, is go to my local mall and go into all the shops and see what I can mix and match! :P
  • Hi
    Matthew is older (20m) but we get lots of our stuff from Tesco or Sainsburys. It's cheaper but most of it seems to wear well. They tend to be quite big tho so it may be best to hold the clothes up to your LO or tack something he wears now for a size guide. HTH
  • We got some nice bits from matalan and asda. Nice soft materials. True about jeans, they're everywhere! Maybe Adams?

  • Next for dungies every time - M&S for all in one jumpery all in one thingies (I know they sound very odd but they're very nice!) and Tesco/George for all the cheapie trousers and tshirts! And of course everything with a damn bib for the copious amounts of sick and dribble that then ruins the whole outfit!xx
  • I get most of mine from primark and most of their trousers are lined. I can't see the point of spending a fortune on his clothes when he grows so fast.

    Oh and also mckays have some nice ones too.
  • I havent got a son,but have brought a pair or cream/kahiaki dunagress with a t-shirt for a several friends of mine in 6-9mmths aspresents. They have all said how lovely theclothes from h+M are. The dunagaress are good as you can alter the size withthe buckle (rather than just two buttons). My friend has a big baby and she said that h+m fifted him well.

    Lots of choice for colour of t-shirts. about ??2 each...soo not expensive. Have brought some recently for my lo.
  • Unfortunately any sort of dungarees/all in ones are out as he is a strange shape! If they are long enough in the body the legs are about 2 foot too long for him :lol: Forgot about Primark, I've bought loads of stuff for Millie from there, I'll have to have a look. Keep the sugestions coming, if I don't find him some clothes soon he might have to go naked :lol:
  • some of the clothes in primark that I got him were 6-12 months too! so hopefully they will last a bit longer.
  • funnily enough I asked fooxoo where she got Hugo's clothes from the other day cause some of his bits are lovely!

    I do get quite a few bits from mother care & M&S cause they are local, tesco's do a few bits sometimes in nicer mixes of colours, I like Dunnes stores.. but not sure if there is any over here? been sent quite a few bits from family in ireland from Dunnes. Gap do nice bits, & next, I quite like H&M as well, I have got quite a lot of stuff of & been given bits from cyber dog.. some hand me downs & some ebay stuff! boys clothes are so boring tho *yawn!* There is a whole space in the market there for intresting, stylish afordable clothing there.. not sure why noone hasn't snapped it up yet lol!

    Bedhead.. your good with a needle and thread aren't you?.. :lol:... just a thought!

    haha can I have a share for the idea tho? lol x
  • lol Natalie, there is no chance of me making them! Far too small and fiddly for my liking :lol: Not quite sure why I'm bothering to go to all this effort when if it was up to him he would go naked, litte exhibitionist that he is :lol:
  • I have two boys aged 2 yrs and 10 months and aged 7 weeks. I'm a bit of a Next junkie and love it for their clothes and I also lve M&S.

    Have you tried browsing on ebay? I get a lot of stuff for my boys from there, as you can grab some great bargains...often new with tags. I also like Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys for everyday stuff. Mamas & Papas have some gorgeous stuff for babies...but very pricey.

    I always think there's a lot less choice for little boys....someone should open a boys only store!!!

    Bec, Oliver & Samuel xxxx
  • i get a lot of nice bits from ebay, also next, tesco, m&S, adams.

    luke 16 months and max and milo 17 weeks
  • Cheers Zoey, the first of those two was perfect! Ordered it for him, and got some other bits at the same time. Our closest M&S is a bit rubbish so I always forget them!
  • Tescos, sainsbury, Asda all do nice but cheap clothes, esp for lo's who are messy or puke a lot image

    I used to get nicer stuff for special visits etc but most days he was in stuff from these places. I never felt bad if I had to throw something out cause they were so cheap.
  • Jack is 9 weeks and wears clothes from Next, George, M&Co, M&S, Mothercare, Boots.......

  • Hi,
    Lo is 5 and a half weeks and round the house he wears sleep suits from Asda and Next-looove Next stuff. Asda stuff lasts, washs really well and is such good value. I also like trackie bottoms from Mothercare, wash well and seem comfy.
    Special stuff from M&S and G and G got him some lovely T-shirts and trousers from John Lewis-bit pricey but think they'll last. They bought him a cute little green duffle coat too and its all furry on the inside it's gonna be so warm!
    Happy shopping-oh nearly forgot Boots are good too-nice T-shirts. Not sre if they're made by Adams?? x
  • I love sainsburys and asda's baby clothes, they are always really nice and soft and wash really well. Most of Gabe's clothes are from sainsburys and my friend's baby boy's are too lol so whenever I see her her lo usually has the same clothes or bibs on as Gabe!
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