feeling very delicate this morning.....lol

Good morning!

I went out last night with my old workmates and me and my froend with a baby of a similar age to Louise got a bit carried away with the wine...........

I feel quite light headed, have a tunmy ache, indegestion (and tmi - tons of wind)..........and am sooooooo tired.

Annoyingley my dh told his workmates/boss that I was going out to have a few drinks so he couldn't phone in to say that I was ill with a bug and could he work from home so he can me with Louise. (they are generally good, he had a day working from home when I was ill when prgnant because he was worried about me and went into work late one day since lo has been born because i'd been ill and waited to make sure I could keep something down)

So, I'm at home finding out what it's like to feel 'delicate' with a 5 month old!

My dh was aupposed to have a bottle ready for her for her night time feed but he didn't so I fed her at 3am, 4 hours after my last drink so I hope i'm not going to see any effects in her or her nappy........particulary the brussel sprouts I had for dinner..........

Oh and I said i'll take Louise in for the key stage 1 xmas party this afternoon...the last thing I feel like doing now!

Does anyone know if I can take resolve while breastfeeding - it doesn't say anything on the box but then I shouldn't have had so much to drink.............naughty mummy!

(sorry i've waffled on....lol)


  • aw bless...i went out when cameron was 6weeks old and i felt terrible the next day!!
    its awful! just think about how amazingly wonderful you'll feel tomorrow when the effects have worn off!

    dunno about resolve but i imagine if it doesnt advise against it on the box it would be fine. ring your phamecy if unsure though
  • He he! Good on you for having a good time.
    Unfortunately I've gone off alcohol since being preggers and don't drink much now. Don't know why?! Shouldn't complain though cos with not drinking as much and taking lo out in pushchair I'm a stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight!!
  • Haha oh dear, I've got my works xmas do on saturday night, and Oh is working on sunday, going to be an interesting day that day! :lol:

    Like ccbmommy I've gone of drinking abit since being pregnant, I can only have a couple now and be well away, at least that means it's going to be a cheap night!
  • all the wine was paid for by the headteacher so free......and just sitting there.......lol

    I also went off alcohol when pregnant, I hated the taste! But like it again now, probably why its effecting me so much now!
  • You poor thing i went out when charlie was just under two weeks old it was my mother and toddlers xmas night out and its the only time i go out so didnt want to miss it. But thankfully spirits dont have an afect on me lol.
    But i do know how it feels to be ill with a little one as me and hubby got food poisoning when justin was almost 1 and neither were really in any fit state to look after a baby but didnt have any choice as all our family lived over 600 miles away x
  • thanks all

    listef - I hadn't though about phoning a pharmacy.....might try that if there's a next time!

    I'm not feeling so sorry for myself this afternoon just very tired as lo had not slept well the night before!
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