eczema and soya milk

hi all
my lois nearly 9 weeks old and has had eczema on her face, arms, legs, chest, belly and back since she was around 2 weeks old. when we went for a THIRD opinion as docs dont seem to take it too seriously, and hes given her cream and a steroid cream, as wellas putting her on soya milk.
has anyone had a child with bad eczema and been told to use soya milk? even though her eczema developed the day after i stopped bfeedin and put her on the bottle,im still a bit sceptical.
anyone have any happy ever after stories for me ? image


  • hey,

    my lo louise has eczema and is breastfed so dont feel bad that it started when you stopped breastfeeding. She had steriod cream for her worst patches, it worked wonders very quickly.

    A friend of mine little boy has been on soya since tiny, he's nearly 3 now and still is but he already understands that some foods make his skin sore. They can apparently grw out of it, best to get it under control first and then once you start weaning maybe you could introduce milk products from 6 months and see what effect they have? My friend took her lo to see a homeopath to find the cause of eczema.
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