losing too much weight?

Hi girls
Im 5'6 and before i got pregnant i was between 8 and 8.5 stone, during pregnancy i went up to 11.5 and now im 7.5 stones and keep losing weight.
Im breastfeeding, eating well and not exercising (allergic! lol)
Do you think this is normal and down to bf?


  • i did reply earlier but stupid site didnt work. anyway the gist was(it was a long 1). where do you live? we and the fat club heavies are comin round.lol. only jokin. it doesnt sound nethin to worry bout yet. if you are feelin ill or drained or are really worried then just check with gp but i think your just lucky.xxx
  • You might, just be lucky, but tbh it sounds like an overactive thyroid, which can be tiggered off by pregnancy and birth, so I'd pop along to you gp to have a blood test just incase. especially if you continue to loose weight, it can be quite dangerous. xox
  • Ok thanks, il eat even more than i have been an i think if i drop to 7 il go see the doc
  • I have had a similar problem hunni. I didn't put on any weight when pregnant but was overweight to start with. Once I had Abi I lost over 3 stone within 3/4 days. I breastfed for just over a week so don't think the weight loss was down to that but I had obstetric cholestasis during my pregnancy and from the waist down I swelled up about twice the size because of this (skin was like memory foam!!!) so for me it could possibly have been all the fluid disappearing. I'm sure your weight loss is nothing to worry about, just make sure you're still getting enough vitamins in your diet now.


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