Crying in sleep

Dylan sleeps really well, (a bit too well yesterday I barely saw him :\( ) but recently in the middle of some naps or at night he's started to whinge/cry. Last night he woke me at 4am crying usually he only cries once then stops. This continued so I went to check on him, he was flat out and didn't stir when I went in and looked really peaceful.

Does anyone have any idea why he's crying, is it dreaming? I hate to hear him cry will happily sit up with him and comfort him but I cant do that if he's asleep!

Help xxx


  • Hi!

    my lo does this occasionally, was unlike him., he just suddenly started doing it occasionally at night, from about 6 months onwards he was really really crying, and when i checked on him he was fast asleep! i can only assume he was dreaming? it horrible hearing them cry, when you dont know what the problem is!

    ashy x
  • My boy does this to, he's 8 months and still does it, sometimes its every couple of hours at night. When its bad I pick him up and he only stops when he wakes up properly. These poor babies can only communicate really basically, smile = happy, tears/crying = unhappy. I'd love to know what bugs him, pain? Nightmare? Wind? Sometimes it has been wind, after a quick cuddle if theres a fart or burp he'll sigh and rest easy. Sometimes I think its teething pangs, he's distracted when he's awake but pain can be worse when you rest and you don't concentrate on anything else.

    Think its pretty normal hun, not very nice but normal xxx
  • Finn does this too, I pick him up and give him a cuddle if he's really bad but like malkymum, he only stops if he's woken up properly. I tend to just go in and check on him and watch him for a few minutes until he calms down. Its horrible though xx
  • Grant cries in his sleep and whines occaisionally....I think its to do with teething as he goes through spates of it happening every night to going weeks without a peep. I will leave him to whinge once or twice but if he keeps going I know hes awake and go up and settle him.
  • we have this and sometime it keeps me up all night and i end up having to wake him to stop it image
  • Our poor babies! Although i'm glad in a way he isn't the only one.

    Last night he was settled so I didn't pick him up as i'd of woken him and he didn't need it but there have been times especially during naps when only a cuddle will do. It feels completely unnatural to me to wake him up, but if he's that upset its hardly restful sleep!

    Thanks ladies for your help

  • I think its teeth :\( i've had a very upset little man all day. Seriously he never cries and today he has just broken into fits of hysteria at random points. I wish these teeth would make an appearance I hate seeing him so unhappy!
  • hi,
    My LO is 8.5months and this last month has had 4 more teeth appear and has another one on the way and this is the only time he cries out in his sleep.
    Hope he gets those teeth through soon. x
  • Hi
    My LO does this too - a couple fo times he's really cried loudly but when we get to him he's fast asleep! As others have said I presume its dreaming or wind. Reassuring that other babies do the same though! x
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