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Bottle Brushes

I have just broken my 2nd bottle brush!! Its just snapped in 2!

They were both tommee tippee ones. Is there an unbreakable one out there? Or am I just too vigorous a cleaner, lol


  • Think you must be a bit vigorous lol! I've had about 4 of the tommee tippee ones and never broken one- maybe I'm not thorough enough!! Sorry I can't recommend one cos I've only used the tt ones.

  • I've broken 2 tommee tippee ones too but I've found where to buy them cheaply so I don't mind! I think its just the design of bottle brushes if you get the double ended ones they have a bit of a weak point. I like them though so I'll keep buying them.
  • Hi I have broken 2 Tommee Tippee ones as well. I just bought a cheap one then and it hasn't broken yet.
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