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5 month old with diarrhea now 10th day????

We basically all had a nasty vomiting and diarrhea bug last week..
The intial vomiting lasted 24hrs or so and for all of us babies included was quite voilent with bodies wretching even thou tummies where completely empty.

The diarrhea which started at the same time stuck around a little longer mine and DD1 (4yrs) had it for 3-4 days and our boy twin 5 months around 5 days. Unfortunatly our girl twin still seems to be suffering badly and we're now in our 10th day. I seem to be changing her nappy between 1-3 times an hour all watery/korma poo which are often explosions- obviously her bum is really sore!

i've been applying nappy creams, sudacrem for a barrier and something else which is yellow to treat the rash but shes still very unhappy and cries instantly after going as it "smells" quite acidic.

I guess what i'm really asking is does this seem a normal time frame for diarrhea to still be about after a tummy bug or is it too long now? its not normal for her to be like this as shes quite a constipated baby.

Any suggestions/advice welcome!

Lilac* Jack and poppy 22 weeks


  • hey hun
    it is quite normal after a tummy bug for babies to develop temporary lactose intolerance. Maybe take her to the Dr and see what they say.
  • Sorry to hear that Poppy is unwell image

    Adam has viral gastoentoritis at the minute, and is on his twelfth day of very explosive poo!

    The Dr at A&E said that even when the virus passes, his tummy will still be really sensitive, so the pooing could go on for another two weeks! As it will take time for the good bacteria to build up again.

    I was just advised to carry on feeding as normal, to offer water to stop dehydration and calpol in case Adam has headaches from lack of fluid. Also infacol is apparently supposed to ease the gut spasms, but it has not made any difference for us.

    I hope Poppy feels better soon...

    Cath & Adam (13.5 weeks)

  • i would go to the drs chick just to keep yourself right somtimes they will give you a wee vitiman drink dilurite or something like t hat, it helps keep them hydrated but give essential vits and mons which can be lost when they have the runs not sure if they would get this as only 5 months but dr will keep you right xx
  • When Haiden was sick the doctor told me the diarrhoea could last for a couple of weeks due to a temporary lactose intolerance. Luckily it didn't! However, if I were you I would be inclined to ask if there is anything you can give seeing as it has been going on for such a time

  • Just got back from seeing Paed with Adam. He recommended switching to lactose free formula for a while to give tummy time to recover. He said to use SMA Lactose free for 4-6 weeks.


  • my baby has almost the same thing 24 hour vomitting and now sever diarrhea for about 6 days now going though a box of diapers already her but is so sore chapped red i have to rinse her under water she has been to the urgent care twice what to do????????????


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