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What are your best buys & your worst?

What things have you bought that you couldn't live without that you would recommend to all the mummies on here? & What have you bought/been given that was a complete waste of time/money?

Cotbook by ladybird (??5) Kept lo entertained in her moses
Links by ELC (??4) Hours of fun for little hands
Jumperoo by Fisher Price (??68) Gives mummy time to do stuff.

Changer unit - Never used it (thankfully came inclusive)

Mummy to Darcy 17 weeks


  • have tried posting this twice now but couldn't find gap in tree :\? anyway...

    good :\)
    swinging crib (when he was small)
    cot mobile with projector on top
    play pen (now that he's too tall for jumperoo)
    steering wheel for pram from ELC

    bad :\?
    changing station (hardly used - easier in big bath)
    bumbo (hardly used - luckily was borrowed)
    swing (hated it)
    moses basket (he hated being closed in)
    travel system (we dont drive and ended up buying a lightweight stroller a few months later so car seat was a waste)

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  • one of our bests has to be ciaras mamas and papas bath, it has a slanted end support so you dont have to hold her, and when shes bigger she will sit at the opposite end which still offers some support...that and her play mat have proven invaluable. we havent discovered any 'bad buys yet' but ciara is only 10weeks so time will tell.
  • best buys:
    changing unit with shelves under it
    swinging crib

    Worst Buys:

    cant think of anymore but i know there are some...

  • Best Buys:
    Bibs + muslins!
    Sleeping bags (good for a wriggler!)
    Quinny Buzz travel system

    Worst Buys:
    Swing (hates it)
    Yummy Mummy changing bag (too small!)

  • Best buys
    Fisher Price Rain forest playmat - every day for about 6 months.
    Nappy Bin
    Bubaboo Bee

    Worst Buys
    Pilko Pramette (hence buying the bugaboo)
    Teething gel - makes no difference to him
    Night light never used it

    S x

  • so far my worst buys are

    silvercross 3d..then
    mamas and papas skate

    my best buys have been my
    playpen for naps,
    galt nest and gym xx

    chloe and lacey xx
  • My best buys are:
    Both my pusshchairs, Bugaboo Chameleon and Phil and Teds Sport double
    My pocket nappies, solved Barney's excema on his bum and our nappy change fights all at once
    Bambino Merino sleeping bags, fantastic for keeping Barney's excema prone skin cool

    Worst buys
    Swing, Millie didn't have one, bought one for Barney and he HATED it
    Prince lionheart seat (like a bumbo) neither of them liked it much
    Moses Basket, Millie just hated it, Barney was too big for it by 6 weeks.
  • best buys:
    medela swing pump
    musical light show, attaches to side of cot, plays music and projects pics on to the ceiling, she loves it!
    I'coo targo city puschair, love it!

    Worst buys:
    moses basket, she's been in it maybe twice? prefers mummy and daddys bed!
    loola pushchair, hate it with a passion!
    peanut shell baby sling, she liked it for about the first week, now screams whenever i try to put her in it!
  • Best buys:
    pram/pushchatrs (Buzz and Takeoff)
    Ikea wall hanging baby changer unit
    Mothercare Aquapod
    alphabet playmat squares (saves my knees and Ciaran loves them too
    wicker basket for storing toys
    sleeping bags
    cheeky wipes

    Worst buys:
    top and tail bowl
    bumbo (not used enough to be worth the cost - might be worth it over 2 kids)
    baby einstein dvd (thankfully just borrowed - I hate it more than anything)
    Graco cheap highchair
    baby rice
    newborn size clothes (gifts but even what we did attempt to use wouldn't fit)

    Think those a the top ones - looks like bumbo's are a key one that seems to be a good idea but doesn't always work.
  • Best buy

    sleeping bags
    bath sponge support
    silvercross 3d (heavy but pram was invaluable when fitted in it)
    musical star/mobile


    Asda car shades, they all just fell off constantly
    baby dressing gown, was a gift but is totally useless baby wriggles far too much to get it on !
  • Best buys:
    BabyBjorn bouncy chair - expensive but worth every penny as he sits in it happily while we have breakfast, lunch, a cup of tea...
    BabyBjorn sling - he adores this and I can still carry him in it at over 18lb.
    Hauk Infinity pram with car seat - even though we don't own a car, we can still use it when offered lifts or if we rent for the weekend. He has only just grown out of the carrycot and the pram attachment should last for another couple of years.
    Muslins - which proliferate around the house image
    Sleeping bags
    Mamabless reusable nappies with Motherease wraps - he likes them and they have definitely saved us money.

    Worst buys
    Cellular blankets - unused since he went into sleeping bags at a month.
    TommeeTippee hand pump - not very effective and exhausting to use. I ended up splashing out on a Medela Swing.
    Any and all dummies (we have about six of various shapes) which he point blank refused to take.
    Metamium cream which gave him a rash. Simple Baby castor oil and zinc works for us.
  • best buy:
    baby swing
    alphabet squares

    Worst buy:
    moses basket (he hated it)
    top and tail bowl -never used it
    boottees/pram shoes - dont like my lo in shoes!
    baby hats(ones you get with outfits) -has never ever worn them
  • Best buys:
    Baby swing
    cot top changer
    sleeping bag (6 quid from primark!)

    worst buy:
    Baby walker (50 quid and he's spent about 1 minute in it without screaming)
    The first wheel city twin!
  • best buys-
    fisherprice rain forest 3in1 play mat
    lay down pram (won't sleep anywhere else in day time)
    roundabout activity centre/walker-3quid off ebay and he loves it
    dummies lol
    nappy bin - 6quid from amazon

    worst buys-
    changing table (never changed him on it, use it as shelves, my mum bought it even tho said we didn't want one)
    cellulars and sheets, used for about 2weeks til he reached 7lb7 and cld go in his bags.
    breast pump, don't have time or energy to sit for hours to squeeze put 1 measly oz!
  • oooh i thought of another best buy; Asda eco baby bath soap and moisturiser, it cleared up Bellas baby acne within a week when everything else i tried made no difference at all, including just plain water, and its not mega expensive, lasts for ages and smells gorgeous! x
  • another worst buy was the baba sling which was then swapped for premaxx baby bag which is just as useless!
  • Interesting thread ... OK

    Best buys

    * Bugaboo Cameleon
    * Gro Light (just enough light to be able to see / do things around nursery but really doesn't wake lo!)
    * Baby Bjorn Active carrier (a godsend through airports)
    * Dr Browns bottles (baby had colic before but not after ...)
    * Tinylove Cot mobile - lo still loves it and it allows me to have a shower in peace in the morning!
    * Jumperoo (lo LOVES it)
    * Bambino Merino sleeping bags. I loved the Gro-bag ones before I tried these - means I worry less about the temperature in lo's room!

    Worst buy

    Baba sling - thanks pinkgirl and carlybarleyx, you just reminded me I need to sell mine! (don't suppose I'll get any takers on here now though ;-D!)

  • Best buys -

    -Graco Mirage travel system (can't rate it enough, even tho it doesn't do parent facing I have never liked anything else!)
    -Mothercare cot-top change unit.
    -Sleeping bags.
    -Asda Baby bath (??2.49 and got 8 months use out of it !!)
    -Bibs & muslins
    -Bumbo - Gabe couldn't sit unaided till 8 months so it was very useful for meal times.
    -fisher price Play gym
    -cot mobile

    Worst buys -

    -Koochi Highchair - OK I didn't buy it, but I can't stand it. The straps aren't fixed, the tray is miles from lo (and you can't change it), and it's SOOO impossible to clean.....
    -Sit in Walker - the new ones are crap - waste of ??40, Gabe couldn't go anywhere in it as the back had fixed wheels rather than swivelly ones. We used an ancient one from OH's nans in the end and it sooo much better.
    -Door bouncer, we have never used it as Gabe was too tall for it & his head kept hitting the top
    -cheap lidl baby sling, totally sh!t and canes your back
  • Just thought of some more


    Blackout blinds
    Lamaze butterfly
    Trumpette socks (expensive but I love them)


    Scratch mitts (useless)
  • Could I ask those of you who have bought playpens and loved them - did you buy new? They are really expensive new...any ideas of where to get cheap ones or did anyone buy secondhand?

    Best Buys:

    Swinging crib
    MAM bottles
    Big weaning style bibs with plastic backing
    Vtech lullaby lamb
    Electric breastpump (medela)
    Huggies Nappies
    Pampers sensitive Wipes
    2nd hand baby bjorn carrier

    Worst Buys:
    Moses basket
    Dream show (the projector broke after barely any time...can't remember the brand but no volume control either and was really loud)
    Avent manual pump (ended up buying a medela swing and soooo much better)
    Pampers nappies (didn't fit LO well)
    Huggies Care wipes (rip so easily and sooo not soft!!!)
    2ndhand mothercare carrier (hurt back)
    Coorie Sling (was really good for about 2 weeks when the colic was unbearable BUT it was ??30 for a piece of fleece and my mum could have whipped it up in a heartbeat for about a fiver...if I'd have had the babybjorn carrier then, it would have done the same trick)
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