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Hi Ladies

Just wondering those of you that are still BFing do you ever get stomach pains when feeding your LO ?

When i feed LO during the night i get what i can only describle like the after pains you get in the 1st few weeks after birth.

Does anyone else have this ?




  • I did a lot at first and still do occasionally, but not often any more. I do get incredibly thirsty tho still. xx
  • I was wondering if it could be hunger ???
  • Hi hun, how long have you been feeding for? If you are still in the very early days you do get what I could only liken to bad period pains which is your uterus shrinking back.
    Of course this doesn't last too long so if you've been feeding a while it prob isn't that.
    Sorry, not much help really!
  • Hey,

    I used to get kind of contraction feelings - breatfeeding is supposed to cause contractions that help your uterus to get back to normal.

    I also used to and sometimes still do have to have a biscuit during the night because I was so hungry! and I had a jug of water because I was so thirsty!

  • I have been feeding for nearly 6 months now yay for me!!!
  • yay for you! i'm getting there..........
  • No, possibly hunger babe - try taking a cereal bar to bed with you and munching on that (don't choke if you're laying down though!)xx
  • I've had these pains as well! Pretty mild, but definitely there, and Beth is 4 months now. It happens very rarely though. Could easily be related to having an empty stomach, I always wake up very hungry but can never be bothered to get a snack!
  • Yes!!! I get this all the time! But it's like a period crampy feeling. Was wondering about it as surely the contractions after birth which get your womb back into place should stop by now? Has been 5 months for me. Congrats on bfing for almost 6 months! xxx
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